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  1. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    03 September 2015

    Activity 6.3: Consider best value for money

    Rationale Measure selection will be guided not only by effectiveness, but also by value for money. Especially in times of tight budgets for urban transport and mobility, it is crucial to get the most impact...

  2. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    02 October 2019

    Why did we need to update the SUMP guidance?

    Since the first edition of the SUMP Guidelines was published in late 2013, it has acted as the main European reference document for urban transport and  mobility  practitioners involved in the development...

  3. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    16 October 2019


    When the first version of these Guidelines for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning was published in late 2013  [ref:2]. 1168 planning practitioners and other experts from all over Europe had contributed to...

  4. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    16 October 2019

    SECTION 1: The Concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

    This section is an introduction to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. It is intended for all readers with an interest in urban mobility, including decision-makers and other mobility stakeholders who are not...

  5. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    16 October 2019

    1.1 What is a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan?

    Policy context Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning is Europe’s de facto urban transport planning concept. The policy that facilitated its establishment has been systematically developed by European...

  6. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    25 October 2019

    1.2 What are the benefits of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning?

    What makes Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning useful for a city? What success stories have emerged from cities that have turned their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans into actual policies? Read on for a...

  7. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    15 October 2019

    1.3 What are the main elements of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning?

    This chapter provides an overview of the elements and process of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning. It introduces the twelve steps of the “SUMP cycle” with a focus on the role of decision-makers, whereas...

  8. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    25 October 2019

    1.4 How does Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning work in practice?

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning is not a theoretical concept. It was developed using a bottom-up approach based on the experience of many planning practitioners and other experts. The principles, as...

  9. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    28 October 2019

    1.5 How can the national and regional level support Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning?

    Urban mobility is closely connected with other policies such as those on the environment, road safety, health, spatial planning and energy. Such policies are often elaborated at the local, regional and...

  10. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    28 October 2019

    SECTION 2: Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    These guidelines are aimed at practitioners in urban transport and mobility, as well as other stakeholders who are involved in the development and implementation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The...