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  1. News
    31 October 2012

    New regulations for bicyle equipment (Poland)

    1012 reads On 8 October new rules on compulsory bike equipment came into force in Poland. The most important changes concern lighting and bike trailers. Cyclists in Poland are no longer obliged to carry a...

  2. News
    31 October 2012

    Workshops for cycling students in Krakow (Poland)

    672 reads In October 2012, the association 'Krakow- City of Bicycles' organised and prepared lectures and workshops for cycling students. The action called 'Safe cyclist, safe bike' aims...

  3. News
    14 November 2012

    Civil servants will be cycling on-duty in Rzeszów (Poland)

    463 reads The city council of Rzeszow will buy two company bikes. The money for the purchase comes from the Ministry of Environment for winning a competition for the best campaign organised for the European...

  4. News
    15 November 2012

    Intelligent pedestrian crossings in Gdansk (Poland)

    3354 reads At the end of October 2012 the Board of Road and Greenery of Gdansk in northern Poland launched a number of intelligent talking pedestrian crossings and one with time counters in the Zaspa and...

  5. News
    05 February 2013

    New bike rental stations in Warsaw (Poland)

    576 reads The Metropolitan Transport Authority of Warsaw has announced the launch of 13 new “Veturilo” bike rental stations in several districts of the capital of Poland in April 2013. The appropriate...

  6. News
    19 April 2013

    Gdansk is developing the first cycling street in Poland

    958 reads Within the project 'abc.multimodal', the City of Gdansk is developing a new traffic system at Wita Stwosza and Wojska Polskiego streets. Already known as the first cycling street in...

  7. News
    29 July 2013

    Cycling workshops in Elblag (Poland)

    772 reads The city authorities of Elblag have recorded a growing number of cyclists. To facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and increase the safety of all street users, a free cycling workshop programme...

  8. News
    21 April 2014

    Kraków to build five new bicycle routes this year (Poland)

    987 reads Kraków has announced a tender for the design and construction of new cycle route sections which, when completed later this year, are expected to finally produce a coherent cycling network for city...

  9. News
    15 May 2014

    Bike-sharing system extends across Warsaw (Poland)

    987 reads Warsaw's Veturilo system, which has been in operation since August 2012, will see new stations and bikes made available in five more of the city's districts to mark its second...

  10. Event
    21 January 2015

    First SmartMove take-up seminar

    4156 reads Language English Proactive marketing for sustainable rural mobility English The SmartMove training seminar will show delegates how the Active Mobility Consulting (AMC) marketing approach,...