Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

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    02 February 2011

    Sustainable transport indicators

    1580 reads Selecting and using indicators to assess policies and measures against is a consistent problem for transport planners and decision-makers. While indicators related to areas such as road safety,...

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    14 March 2011

    Sustainable urban mobility planning guidelines

    1618 reads Sustainable urban mobility planning is a departure from the standard method of transport planning. It is based on the principles of sustainable development, orientated to achieving objectives-...

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    02 February 2011

    Campaigning for sustainable transport

    985 reads Communications campaigns are a vital tool in encouraging people to change the mobility behaviour and highlight the availability of new infrastructure and services. Evidence has shown that when...

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    13 September 2012

    Improving urban freight and logistics

    1491 reads Planning and managing a well-performing urban freight system that meets social, economic and environmental goals is a challenging task. Responsibility for managing this could be given to a person...

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    25 July 2012

    Developing streets for play

    1355 reads Fewer and fewer children now play on the streets outside their houses, partly due to increased traffic. As many communities lack safe areas for children to play, run and cycle, this is having a...

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    16 July 2012

    Marketing sustainable mobility

    5872 reads Successful sustainable mobility measures can only come about through reaching the people for whom they are designed. Communicating directly and indirectly with users also helps to demonstrate...

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    31 January 2012

    Cycle network design and promotion

    1425 reads Understanding how to develop an effective cycling network as well as knowing how to properly market cycling are two very important issues which complement one another. Poor promotion of good...

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    31 January 2012

    Improving railway station design

    3522 reads Shifting a greater number of passengers to railway travel would be a highly effective way of reducing the environmental impact of transport. This holds true for journeys at all distances,...

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    02 February 2011

    WebTAG transport scheme appraisal

    1110 reads Well-conducted studies and appraisals of planned transport infrastructure can help to properly set objectives and identify problems and develop potential solutions. This appraisal process...

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    04 October 2012

    Road safety at work

    1312 reads An awareness of road safety for work-related travel is important for employers to consider, particularly in organisations which operate fleets of vehicles. A high proportion of traffic collisions...