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  1. News
    02 May 2011

    New Barclays Cycle Superhighway routes for 2011 (UK)

    608 reads Work has begun on two new Barclays Cycle Superhighway routes which will open in July 2011, making it easier and safer for cyclists to commute into central London on direct and continuous cycle...

  2. News
    10 May 2011

    £200m extra investment for new UK rail schemes (UK)

    Operating Companies said it was “good news that the coalition government continues to recognise the need for ...

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    06 May 2011

    Expansion of Bursa's light rail network (Turkey)

    1252 reads The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has joined forces with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the municipality of Bursa to expand the city’s light railways and produce...

  4. News
    17 May 2011

    Campaign on environmental impacts of mobile air conditioning systems (Germany)

    275 reads A new campaign website has been launched to inform the public and politicians about the climate change impact of mobile air conditioning (MAC) systems which can contribute to a vehicle's...

  5. News
    11 May 2011

    BILBAO wins ITS award for automatic delivery space booking system (Portugal)

    348 reads Bilbao has won the 2011 ITS Espana award for the best freight project. The city was selected for its automatic delivery space booking system which it has deployed within the European project...

  6. News
    12 May 2011

    La Rochelle to test fully automated electric buses (France)

    310 reads The city of La Rochelle is due to test fully automated (driverless) electric buses on its public transport network. The Cybus test will start on the 12th of May and last until mid-July this year....

  7. News
    12 May 2011

    Chinese car producer plans to test electric buses in Europe

    482 reads Chinese car producer BYD has signed an agreement to test 6 electric buses in Copenhagen. Build Your Dreams (BYD) is the biggest private car manufacturer in China and more recently has entered into...

  8. News
    16 May 2011

    CNG garbage truck for Tarnów (Poland)

    494 reads The City of Tarnow in south Poland has signed a agreement with the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) to purchase a subsidised small garbage truck powered with compressed natural gas (CNG)....

  9. News
    18 May 2011

    Daimler crushes a Wheego to defend intellectual property (Germany)

    547 reads A conflict between Wheego and Daimler over intellectual property escalated into the deliberate destruction of an electric vehicle. Daimler demanded the customs office in Bremerhaven, Germany...

  10. News
    19 May 2011

    Hybrid police car on the streets of Warsaw (Poland)

    697 reads A Toyota hybrid car is being trialled by police in Warsaw until May. It will be used to patrol the centre of the city where a high density of pedestrians makes patrol cars with conventional...