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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    01 July 2011

    Workshop on User Issues in Geospatial Public Transport Information

    Language English 611 reads International Cartographic Association Commission on Use and User Issues English The workshop will be held in Paris, 1st & 2nd July 2011 (immediately prior to the ICA...

  2. Event
    03 October 2011

    12th International Conference on Smart Ticketing & Transport

    Language English 560 reads French For its 12th edition, the international Smart Ticketing and Transport conference will cover such issues as interoperability, new payment channels, the business case for...

  3. Event
    16 November 2014

    Training Programme for Public Transport Managers 2014-15

    542 reads Language English Module 1 English Objectives This training will offer you the opportunity to: Broaden your knowledge and understanding of global mobility issues and offer you a comprehensive...

  4. News
    19 May 2015

    French authorities recommended to develop digital mobility

    1353 reads France's Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE) has produced a report recommending that transport operators and companies embrace digital services. Six major actions are detailed...

  5. News
    27 July 2015

    Redevelopment plans for Paris Gare du Nord unveiled (France)

    2258 reads New plans for the redevelopment of Paris Gare du Nord, Europe's busiest train station, have been unveiled. The redevelopment will take place in two phases, lasting until 2023. The first...

  6. News
    03 August 2015

    France to reduce VAT on public transport

    2569 reads The French government is considering almost halving the amount of VAT on public transport, a recent newspaper report claims. French financial daily newspaper Les Échos says that draft legislation...

  7. News
    05 August 2015

    Toulouse to open third metro line in 2024 (France)

    1709 reads The southern French city of Toulouse is set to open its third metro line in a € 1.7bn project that will carry a potential 200 000 passengers a day. The new line, which is expected to be 20-25km...

  8. Video
    11 August 2015

    Stop-Covoiturage: making daily travel in the Saône valley easier (France)

    2836 reads The Stop-Covoiturage project, introduced in 2013 by the Saône Mont d'Or territory, north of Lyon in France, is an innovative transport scheme that combines hitchhiking and carpooling. The...

  9. Photo
    18 August 2015

    Car-pooling stop in Lyon

    1606 reads Carlos Corao Collective passenger transport Image copyright: Carlos Corao  -, licensed under CC BY 2.0 France Lyon ...

  10. Photo
    18 August 2015

    Car-pooling stop with passenger in Lyon

    1447 reads Carlos Corao Collective passenger transport Image copyright: Carlos Corao  -, licensed under CC BY 2.0 France Lyon ...