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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    20 February 2020

    New Park4SUMP brochure on "Good reasons and principles for Parking Management"

    33 reads The CiViTAS Park4SUMP project works to improve the integration of innovative parking management solutions into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. In February 2020, Park4SUMP published a new brochure...

  2. News
    24 February 2020

    New SUMP Self-Assessment tool launched

    67 reads You would like to develop a SUMP, but don't know where to start? You would like to evaluate the status of mobility planning in your city and receive tailored feedback how to further improve? ...

  3. News
    26 February 2020

    New public bike sharing scheme launched in Trieste

    22 lecturas The new public bike sharing system of the Italian Municipality of Trieste was officially inaugurated on Monday, 3 February 2020 in the city's Piazza Libertà. The system, known as BiTS, is...

  4. News
    26 February 2020

    Report on the G20 Transport Task Group released

    23 lecturas A report on the outcome of the most recent meeting of the  G20 Transport Task Group  (TTG) on the future of mobility has been published.  The TTG is a voluntary platform in which the G20...

  5. News
    28 February 2020

    Hydrogen cars with zero emissions at the tailpipe, ready to spread widely

    30 reads Hydrogen-based vehicle technology in the electric transport sector is starting to compete with conventional fuels, such as diesel and petrol, for long distances. Its benefits include that it is...

  6. News
    28 February 2020

    Hydrogen fuel cell buses to be tested in Finland Northern Europe Finland Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Testing fuel-cell buses ...

  7. News
    28 February 2020

    Valencia: sensors on public buses to make passengers happier and cut air pollutants

    25 reads In Valencia, Spain, new methods are be trialled to monitor the performance of hybrid and electric buses in order to minimise pollution. As part of the trial, hybrid and electric buses will have...

  8. News
    28 February 2020

    New SUMP Poster: Planning the Sustainable City

    168 lectures Inspired by success stories from European cities that have implemented Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), the new SUMP poster illustrates the sustainable planning process for transport...

  9. News
    02 March 2020

    Puglia's regional cycling mobility plan nears adoption

    letto 29 volte The council of the Italian region of Puglia is a step closer to adopting a plan to promote and develop cycling throughout the region. The aim of the Puglia's Regional Cycling Mobility...

  10. News
    02 March 2020

    First fully electric bus line launched in Madrid

    letto 28 volte The Spanish capital, Madrid, has launched the city's first zero emission bus line. The city's mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the Deputy Mayor for Mobility and Environment,...