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    18 April 2011

    20 years of carpool parking in Flanders (Belgium)

    526 reads Flanders celebrates 20 years of carpool parking and the favourable results serve to convince Flemish policymakers to keep investing in carpooling. In the presence of the Flemish minister of...

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    11 January 2013

    20 years of the single market, 20 achievements in transport

    616 reads Read to see 20 examples of how Europe has made your life easier and safer through better transport. Safer skies, seas and roads, decent working hours for people with jobs in the transport industry...

  3. News
    12 August 2010

    20% renewable targets can be achieved by 2020 (Germany)

    204 reads The German Federal Cabinet recently agreed a national renewable energy action plan with an overall renewable energy share target of 19.6% and a 13.2% share in the transport sector. At its meeting...

  4. News
    10 April 2006

    2006 call for proposals of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme

    159 reads The 2006 call for proposals- the last under the current IEE programme- will be published in May this year, opening a 5-month period during which European organisations can apply for financial...

  5. News
    28 July 2008

    2008 call for proposals: over 300 applications received

    136 reads The EACI has received over 300 applications in response to this year’s call for proposals for the Intelligent Energy-Europe programme. The evaluation process has started to identify the best...

  6. News
    01 February 2008

    2008 Sustainable Transport Award Announced in Washington DC

    113 reads London and Paris edged out Guatemala City, Guatemala; Eugene, Oregon; and Pereira, Colombia to win the 2008 Sustainable Transport Award, also supported by GTZ SUTP, which was in the evaluation...

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    26 January 2011

    2011 is the Year of the Carrier bike in Ghent (Belgium)

    479 reads MaxMobiel and Ghent based environmental organization Gents Milieufront are planning a new campaign to boost the popularity of carrier bikes.. MaxMobiel and Ghent based environmental organization ...

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    25 January 2011

    2011 Transport Achievement Award Call for Application

    304 reads Showing how they are putting people first in transport is the challenge for applicants of the 2011 Transport Achievement Award, according to the Call for Application launched yesterday. Showing...

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    14 May 2013

    2013 Annual Polis Conference calls for speakers

    985 reads The call for speakers covers a wide range of topics open under the core Polis themes of environment and health, traffic efficiency, mobility, road safety and social and economic challenges of...

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    12 December 2012

    2013 ManagEnergy Award: Call for submissions!

    Europe Award: More info: Europe-wide Policy and research ...