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    23 August 2011

    17km of new bicycle lanes in Sibiu (Romania)

    294 reads The city of Sibiu has inaugurated 10 new bicycle lanes, adding a total length of 17km to its network. Initially, the city had only one route of 6,5 km, but due of the lack of continuity it was...

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    18 May 2020

    18 May 2020 weekly summary: the impact of COVID-19 on transport and mobility

    58 reads Cities are beginning to ease lockdown restrictions but are having to rethink urban mobility solutions to ensure physical distancing and the safety of passengers. Some cities are also thinking about...

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    12 February 2004

    1800 TRAFIK number welcomed in Dublin

    availability. Source: [ website]. Archive ...

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    03 December 2012

    2.5 million Green Footprints for UN Climate Summit in Doha

    316 reads On Saturday, 1 December, Climate Alliance handed over 2.5 Million Green Footprints collected by 160,000 children in 12 countries to UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres in Doha, Qatar....

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    20 April 2020

    20 April 2020- weekly summary: The impact of COVID-19 on transport and mobility

    1501 lecturas Residents of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode have asked for streets to be closed to cars, leaving them free for pedestrians and cyclists, much like the examples seen in Berlin, Oakland and New York....

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    06 April 2009

    20 New Trains for Delivery in 2011 to Northern Ireland

    128 reads 20 new Class 4000 (C4k) trains are scheduled to be delivered from 2011 to 2013 and will be introduced to passenger service by the end of 2011. The new trains will be used to increase capacity and...

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    18 April 2011

    20 years of carpool parking in Flanders (Belgium)

    526 reads Flanders celebrates 20 years of carpool parking and the favourable results serve to convince Flemish policymakers to keep investing in carpooling. In the presence of the Flemish minister of...

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    11 January 2013

    20 years of the single market, 20 achievements in transport

    616 reads Read to see 20 examples of how Europe has made your life easier and safer through better transport. Safer skies, seas and roads, decent working hours for people with jobs in the transport industry...

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    12 August 2010

    20% renewable targets can be achieved by 2020 (Germany)

    204 reads The German Federal Cabinet recently agreed a national renewable energy action plan with an overall renewable energy share target of 19.6% and a 13.2% share in the transport sector. At its meeting...

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    10 April 2006

    2006 call for proposals of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme

    159 reads The 2006 call for proposals- the last under the current IEE programme- will be published in May this year, opening a 5-month period during which European organisations can apply for financial...