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    16 October 2014

    Prague to pilot electric car-sharing scheme (Czech Republic)

    3582x přečteno The Czech Republic’s first electric car-sharing programme is being piloted later this year in Prague in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the capital city. Led by Future...

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    08 October 2014

    New cycle path planned in Blansko (Czech Republic)

    1544x přečteno Work on a new cycle path stretching between the town of Blansko and Brno, the Czech Republic's second-largest city, is set to begin following the news that funds for its construction...

  3. News
    24 September 2014

    New electric buses to arrive in Brno (Czech Republic)

    2665x přečteno Local transport companies in Brno have signed a multi-million euro contract to receive a new batch of electric trolley buses next year. The Czech Republic’s second-largest city, which with...

  4. News
    20 August 2014

    High-speed rail to arrive in the Czech Republic

    1707x přečteno The first Czech high-speed rail line will be developed between the cities of Brno and Přerov in the east of the country, the country's rail operator Czech Railways has announced. Work on...

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    08 July 2014

    Electric bus finishes awareness-raising tour of Czech Republic

    1637x přečteno Škoda’s electric Perun bus has completed a nationwide tour of the Czech Republic in Plze? as a demonstration of the possibilities of electric public transport. A number of cities across the...

  6. Video
    05 June 2014

    Public Transport for people with reduced mobility

    %countx prebrano Czech Republic Brno Eltis Clean and energy-efficient vehicles ...

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    05 June 2014

    Integrated Mobility Centre in Brno (CZ)

    %countx prebrano Czech Republic Brno Other CIVITAS Elan Mobility management ...

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    09 January 2014

    Brno Technology Park launches commuter campaign (Czech Republic)

    1578x přečteno In a move to enhance sustainable mobility at the Czech Technology Park in Brno, company car pooling and e-bike rental are being promoted towards commuters. Sustainable solutions were sought...

  9. News
    05 December 2013

    Innovative new system monitors and predicts traffic congestion (Czech Republic)

    731x přečteno Taking data from a variety of source, the project promises to be cheaper and more effective than current traffic management systems. Traffic congestion is associated with various costs, both...

  10. News
    07 November 2013

    Prague reserves space for single people on metro carriages (Czech Republic)

    582x přečteno A new campaign of so-called 'Dating Wagons' hopes to increase passenger numbers and bring people together. Prague is encouraging residents to use the city’s metro system with a new...