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    23 November 2015

    New app for travellers with reduced mobility released

    2583 reads A free smartphone application that helps people with reduced mobility with navigation over multiple modes of transport, orientation and parking, has been launched. The app, designed by the EU...

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    31 August 2015

    Dutch municipality encourages seniors to use public transport

    2908 reads The municipality of Noordoostpolder is to host an information session in September to encourage older people to use public transport. The meeting is one of a number planned around municipalities...

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    28 August 2015

    Granada to meet with disability groups to discuss mobility barriers (Spain)

    2297 reads The city of Granada is hosting a meeting with associations representing people with disabilities to discuss the barriers they face in their daily mobility. Around fifty representatives are set to...

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    21 August 2015

    Lisbon and Porto win accessibility awards (Portugal)

    1929 reads Lisbon and Porto have won awards for their efforts to improve the accessibility for people with physical disabilities. The Portuguese cities were announced as winners of the Svayam Accessibility...

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    10 August 2015

    Barcelona improves accessibility on public transport (Spain)

    2669 reads A pilot project is underway to increase access to public transport to people with sight problems in Barcelona. Two organisations are involved as well as Barcelona's public transport operator...

  6. News
    14 July 2015

    Access City Award 2016 open for applications

    2849 reads EU cities are invited to apply for the sixth edition of the Access City Award, which recognises cities for efforts in improving accessibility for the disabled and older people. The competition is...

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    09 July 2015

    Ankara university develops assistive system for visually impaired travellers (Turkey)

    1551 reads A university in the Turkish capital, Ankara, has launched a project that will help visually impaired students use public transport and take a more active part in social and cultural life. The ...

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    24 June 2015

    Beacons guide visually impaired passengers on Bucharest buses (Romania)

    2834 reads The first introduction of a guidance system for passengers with visual impairments has been introduced on two bus lines in the Romanian capital Bucharest. Some 40 vehicles are now equipped with...

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    15 June 2015

    Riga bus drivers trained to help travellers with mobility problems (Latvia)

    1476 reads Drivers and other staff of Riga's minibus service have been trained to offer assistance to passengers with disabilities or with reduced mobility. During the training, staff were made aware...

  10. News
    25 May 2015

    Car-sharing platform for adapted vehicles launches in France

    3386 reads A young French entrepreneur has launched an online platform where people can offer or rent vehicles adapted for people with disabilities. Charlotte de Vilmorin, who uses a wheelchair, launched...