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  1. News
    24 April 2003

    Commission proposes directive to ensure interoperability of electronic infrastructure charging

    199 reads The directive will apply to all kinds of roads, to bridge and tunnels, and even to ferries whether on the trans-European transport networks (TEN-Ts), inter-city or urban The European Commission...

  2. News
    24 April 2003

    European Commission calls for proposals on transportation grants (applications due June 10, 2003)

    184 reads The European Commission intends to award grants to promote the objectives of its common transportation policy, focussing on transport safety The European Commission intends to award grants to...

  3. News
    17 April 2003

    A new individual travel assistant developed

    179 reads The new concept for mobility services is an individual, real-time, integrated and multimodal travel assistant developed by TNO The new mobility manager is an individual, real-time, integrated and...

  4. News
    15 April 2003

    SIPTRAM-Sustainability in the Urban Public Transport Market launched early this year

    195 reads The project aims to promote competitive tendering in public urban transport, as a chance to improve environmental and social standards Liberalisation of the urban public transport systems are...

  5. News
    14 April 2003

    The first regional metro in Spain, Metrosur, inaugurated in Madrid

    213 reads The new line, inaugurated last week, links five municipalities in the south of the region of Madrid, a population of 820,000 people, and it is linked to the capital's metro network Metrosur...

  6. News
    11 April 2003

    Mobility Management guidelines to be developed in Austria

    consultants working on mobility management issues. Source: EPPOM News 7/03 Archive ...

  7. News
    10 April 2003

    MobilCentre: a nationwide structure for information on combined mobility

    222 reads MobilCentre is an ongoing project which objective is to encourage the changeover from private to combined transport in Switzerland MobilCentre is a joint project by Swiss Energy and the Public...

  8. News
    08 April 2003

    Travel plan programme for B&Q

    204 reads The UK's home improvement retailer launched a new travel plan programme for 20 store developments B&Q, a UK's home improvement retailer, has recently launched a major travel...

  9. News
    28 July 2004

    EEA 2004 survey points the growing economic burden of climate related disasters

    216 reads EEA Signals 2004, the annual report of the European Environment Agency, was published on 1 June 2004, and calls for industry to incorporate environmental costs into prices. On 1 June 2004 the last...

  10. News
    27 July 2004

    End of the SMILE project

    330 reads SMILE (Sustainable Mobility Initiatives for Local Environment) involves 14 cities in a project supported by the LIFE programme of DG Environment, European Commission. The outcomes of the project...