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    22 August 2017

    A new game highlights the difficulties wheelchairs users face when travelling

    2590 reads Whilst there has been progress in making public transport more accessible to people with disabilities, travelling as a wheelchair user still poses significant challenges. To raise awareness and...

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    24 August 2017

    New study suggests ways to improve mobility of older travellers in Europe

    1956 reads A new study led by the University of Plymouth has said that governments across Europe could do more to develop transport policies enabling people aged over 65 to remain mobile and active. As the...

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    15 September 2017

    New multimodal interchange opens in Bolton (UK)

    1571 reads A new £48m multimodal interchange has opened in the town of Bolton in north-west England, replacing the town’s old bus station. The modern facility links to the town’s railway station by means of...

  4. News
    12 September 2017

    Google ups efforts to map wheelchair accessibility

    1142 reads Google is seeking to make its Maps feature more useful for people with reduced mobility. Whilst it is already indicated if a location is wheelchair accessible, Google is now seeking to...

  5. News
    22 November 2017

    Approved the new SUMP in Terrassa

    3213 reads The new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) in Terrassa established the action plan for 2016-21. It incorporates a group of measures aimed at reducing the accident rate, noise pollution and...

  6. News
    20 March 2018

    UK government commits to making buses easily accessible for wheelchair users

    1053 reads   In 2017, the UK Supreme Court concluded in a judgement the need for ‘reasonable adjustment’ by bus operators to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs. Now, UK government takes up the call for...

  7. News
    28 May 2018

    Collective bike rides in Greece to raise awareness on urban mobility and SUMPs

    1411 reads On 13th May thousands of people and cyclists participated in a collective bike ride in Athens and 26 Greek other cities, along with associations of pedestrians. The aim of the event was to remind...

  8. News
    07 June 2018

    Great awards for great cities: does your city have what it takes?

    1319 reads The European Commission recognises cities that take bold measures to tackle environmental and social challenges with  City Awards.   These prestigious awards promote and reward the efforts that...

  9. News
    27 July 2018

    New INCLUSION project addresses transport options of vulnerable groups in peripheral areas

    1674 reads   Vulnerable societal groups in Europe’s remote and rural areas often lack transport options, such as frequent public transport services. Consequently, the elderly, young people, the unemployed,...

  10. News
    31 July 2018

    UK strategy targets fully accessible transport network by 2030

    1390 reads New measures, backed by hundreds of millions of pounds, will help to ensure that people with disabilities in the UK can travel confidently and easily. Towards the end of July, the Department for...