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    11 September 2023

    The role of "climate tickets" in encouraging public transport use

    The use of "climate tickets" to encourage public transport, must be implemented alongside increases in public transport capacity and quality, so that the system can transport the additional...

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    08 September 2023

    Brussels went car free for a day in September 2023 as part of European Mobility Week

    Brussels embraced a car-free transformation, as it marked Sunday 17 September 2023 as an historic occasion when the entire capital city became Europe's largest car-free zone for a day. ...

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    07 September 2023

    One year Good Move in Brussels city: 25% less car-traffic and 36% more bicycles

    17 Aufrufe A quarter less motorised traffic and more than a third more cyclists: that is the striking balance one year after the implementation of the new traffic circulation plan in the centre of Brussels....

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    06 September 2023

    Austria offered free public transport pass for a tattoo

    In order to get more people travelling on public transport, the Austrian climate ministry and Klimaticket embarked on a unique and divisive campaign this summer: offering free public transport for a year to...

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    05 September 2023

    New resources available for accelerating the deployment of sustainable mobility innovation

    FastTrack achieved a number of impressive milestones and a number of key resources were created which future cities can use as they work to implement sustainable mobility innovations in their communities. ...

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    04 September 2023

    Amsterdam trials digital messages for drivers making too much noise

    Amsterdam has tested automatic digital displays in some of its streets that warn drivers and motorcyclists if they are making too much noise. Noise sensors are present in these streets, which are linked to...

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    01 September 2023

    All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Common European Mobility Data Space: EMTA’s Thomas Geier explains all

    This year’s Urban Mobility Days will explore how building a common European mobility data space will enable better access to transport and mobility data. Ahead of the conference, Thomas Geier- Policy...

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    31 August 2023

    Nine European cities paving the way for car-free living

    In many cases, pedestrianisation is usually localised to small parts of the city centre. However nine cities highlight cases where they have taken it a step further and created car-free street networks. ...

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    30 August 2023

    Urban space and climate neutrality: Umeå's Deputy Mayor on the city's success

    Ahead of the Urban Mobility Days, Janet Ågren, Deputy Mayor of Umeå (and chair of the city board’s planning committee) reveals how the Swedish city has come to punch above its weight when it comes to...

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    29 August 2023

    Wiener Linien researches parcel delivery service involving public transport users

    Vienna’s public transport provider, Wiener Linien, is looking into options to move parcels from one stop to another with the help of its passengers, as a response to the growing volume of parcels that need...