Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Tool
    06 October 2011

    Sustainable mobility campaigns for young people

    2015 reads Ensuring that children adopt sustainable mobility behaviour early will go a long way to resolving future challenges in a variety of policy areas, including transport, the environment and health....

  2. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Campaigning for sustainable transport

    985 reads Communications campaigns are a vital tool in encouraging people to change the mobility behaviour and highlight the availability of new infrastructure and services. Evidence has shown that when...

  3. Tool
    16 July 2012

    Marketing sustainable mobility

    5872 reads Successful sustainable mobility measures can only come about through reaching the people for whom they are designed. Communicating directly and indirectly with users also helps to demonstrate...

  4. Tool
    04 October 2012

    Road safety at work

    1312 reads An awareness of road safety for work-related travel is important for employers to consider, particularly in organisations which operate fleets of vehicles. A high proportion of traffic collisions...

  5. Tool
    01 January 2009

    MaxSumo- planning and evaluating mobility management

    2507 reads Mobility management is a concept to promote sustainable transport and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers' attitudes and behaviour. At the core of mobility management are &...

  6. Photo
    06 June 2014

    Walking Bus in Odense, Denmark

    ELTIS / Harry Schiffer 2091 reads Mobility management ...

  7. Photo
    06 June 2014

    Street painting and map reading action

    ELTIS / Harry Schiffer 1913 reads Mobility management ...

  8. Photo
    06 June 2014

    Health check in public area in Aveiro, Portugal

    Active Access / Harry Schiffer 1746 reads Mobility management ...

  9. Photo
    06 June 2014

    Walking event for ladies in Copenhagen, Denmark 1

    ELTIS / Harry Schiffer 1782 reads Mobility management ...

  10. Photo
    06 June 2014

    Walking event for ladies in Copenhagen, Denmark 2

    ELTIS / Harry Schiffer 1936 reads Mobility management ...