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  1. News
    17 October 2011

    New Danish common government policy includes bicycles

    346 reads Earlier this month, the New Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt launched the official common government policy entitled “A Denmark that stands together”. The government policy proposes...

  2. News
    09 December 2011

    Danish society profits DKK 43 million from Bike to Work (Denmark)

    642 reads The Danish Bike to Work campaign organised by the Danish Cyclists' Federation has been analysed by COWI, a consulting group working within Engineering, Environmental Science and Economics....

  3. News
    12 December 2011

    Environmentally friendly Christmas tree in Skanderborg (Denmark)

    856 reads The Danish municipality of Skanderborg is promoting environmentally friendly behaviour by integrating cycling and walking into daily activities and year-round events, starting with updated...

  4. News
    04 April 2012

    Leadership award for cycling promotion 2012 (Denmark)

    707 reads The Cycling Embassy of Denmark produced a new newsletter and is awarding an individual or an organisation with the Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2012 for the fourth time. This summer, the...

  5. News
    18 May 2012

    Travel at the speed of LED-light (Denmark)

    547 reads As a new service for cyclists, the City of Aalborg has installed LED-lights in the cycle path on a part of the road south of the Hadsundvej/Humlebakken intersection. The concept is simple: if...

  6. News
    15 June 2012

    Shared parking space for cars and bikes (Denmark)

    667 reads Can bikes and cars share the same space? In cities where space is in short supply, it is necessary to think outside the box to make room for everyone. When it comes to a cycle city like Copenhagen...

  7. News
    18 June 2012

    Cycle super highways to encourage more cycling in Greater Copenhagen area (Denmark)

    577 reads Commuters keen on cycling to their place of work or education in the Greater Copenhagen area have just gotten their first route in what will become a whole network of world class cycle routes....

  8. News
    07 September 2012

    The car kilometre is six times more expensive than the bike kilometre (Denmark)

    1874 reads A kilometre travelled by bike costs society 8 cents, whereas the same distance travelled by car costs 50 cents. This comes from a Danish study comparing the socio-economic costs and benefits of...

  9. News
    17 September 2012

    U.S. city planners seek inspiration from Danish cycle tracks

    336 reads A group of politicians and city officials from the cities of Portland, Chicago and San Francisco, plus members of Bikes Belong, visited Denmark's top cycle cities to study Danish cycle...

  10. News
    12 September 2012

    Powered by Cycling: Panorama

    637 reads When the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and its partners rebuild the service structures around the Danish parts of the North Sea Route and the Berlin-Copenhagen Route, they will draw on best-practice...