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  1. News
    01 March 2012

    German Bicycle Academy helps Czech, Slovak and Polish cities to become more cycle friendly

    1286x přečteno A new European project called Central MeetBike will help to improve conditions for cycling by promoting the exchange of experiences and launching a new education programme. Until recently,...

  2. News
    27 April 2012

    Sustainable mobility for emergency services (Czech Republic)

    511x přečteno Emergency services in Prague have rolled out an electric bike ambulance, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic and, possibly, in Europe. This summer, Prague paramedics will be equipped...

  3. News
    08 February 2013

    Cycle tower parking introduced at Hradec Kralove rail station (Czech Republic)

    2696x přečteno A Czech bicycle importer has installed an automated cycle parking tower at a railway station in the city of Hradec Kralove. The tower can hold up to 117 bicycles on seven tiers. Velo, which...

  4. News
    20 February 2013

    Bicycling advances in Central Europe

    658x přečteno The final European Conference of the Central Europe project BICY – Cities and Regions of Bicycles was characterized by an amazing spirit of optimism despite a rather limited support for...

  5. News
    08 March 2013

    A new traffic control system for Brno (Czech Republic)

    2969x přečteno In the framework of the European project POSSE, the city of Brno is planning several investments in traffic infrastructure to build up an integrated traffic control system. POSSE is a three...

  6. News
    10 July 2013

    First 5 star ECOSTARS member is in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

    691x přečteno ECOSTARS Ostrava in the Czech Republic has welcomed its first five star operator. FRAMA CZ has provided freight transportation services since 1990 both in domestic and international markets,...

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    12 July 2013

    Bike flies above the fray (Czech Republic)

    1108x přečteno Although city traffic can be calmed, managed and sometimes even reduced, it’s been impossible thus far to avoid it. But a Czech technology firm is developing a vehicle with just this...

  8. News
    07 November 2013

    Prague reserves space for single people on metro carriages (Czech Republic)

    582x přečteno A new campaign of so-called 'Dating Wagons' hopes to increase passenger numbers and bring people together. Prague is encouraging residents to use the city’s metro system with a new...

  9. News
    09 January 2014

    Brno Technology Park launches commuter campaign (Czech Republic)

    1578x přečteno In a move to enhance sustainable mobility at the Czech Technology Park in Brno, company car pooling and e-bike rental are being promoted towards commuters. Sustainable solutions were sought...

  10. News
    08 July 2014

    Electric bus finishes awareness-raising tour of Czech Republic

    1637x přečteno Škoda’s electric Perun bus has completed a nationwide tour of the Czech Republic in Plze? as a demonstration of the possibilities of electric public transport. A number of cities across the...