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  1. News
    26 November 2014

    World’s first solar bike path opens in Krommenie (The Netherlands)

    3795 reads A newly installed bicycle path in Krommenie, 25 km from Amsterdam, has been constructed with solar cells, enabling it to generate enough energy to power three homes. The path, which is covered by...

  2. Event
    10 February 2015

    Winter Cycling Congress 2015

    Language English 1826 reads The Winter Cycling Congress 2015 Leeuwarden is about uniting communities of all climates, sizes and levels of bicycle development who share the ambition to make two-wheeled...

  3. News
    19 February 2015

    Dutch provinces to examine 'rapid' cycle paths

    4026 reads A number of Dutch provinces and municipalities are investigating whether ‘rapid’ cycling is a feasible transport option for commuters. The authorities in the Drenthe and Groningen provinces and...

  4. Event
    26 March 2015

    VRUITS Seminar

    Language English 1255 reads Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users Improving Cycling Safety using ITS The VRUITS project, which is sponsored by the European Commission (DG MOVE), aims at providing...

  5. News
    27 May 2015

    Dutch solar cycle path exceeds energy expectations

    1826 reads A solar cycle path in Krommenie (Netherlands) has generated more energy than expected over the past six months, energy engineers have said. In the first six months since the installation of the...

  6. Photo
    14 August 2015

    Bicycle parking in Utrecht

    1564 reads Walter Koehn Walking and cycling Image copyright:  Walter Koehn  -, licensed under  CC BY 2.0 Netherlands Utrecht ...

  7. Event
    16 April 2016

    International Cargo Bike Festival 2016

    1103 reads Language English The International Cargo Bike Festival 2016 consists of two events: the  Cargo Bike Conference  and the  Cargo Bike Fair. The conference takes place on Saturday 16 April and will...

  8. Event
    08 April 2016

    CIVITAS Training: Cycling 2.0

    Language English 1646 reads English CIVITAS is organising a free training that will showcase the best of Dutch cycling culture, how cycling has gained a foothold in sustainable urban mobility policies, and...

  9. Case study
    26 May 2016
  10. News
    24 May 2016

    Amsterdam to appoint bike mayor (Netherlands)

    3266 reads The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is set to appoint the world’s first bicycle mayor next month to help promote and protect cycling in the city. The bike mayor will be the representative between the...