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  1. News
    12 November 2013

    Hamburg develops ambitious plans to make the city more walkable (Germany)

    1378 reads A new green network will make it possible to walk or cycle anywhere in the city. Hamburg (Germany) plans to revolutionise its urban design with the implementation of a city-wide network designed...

  2. News
    11 February 2014

    Walking in Munich to be aided by smart urban development (Germany)

    3472 reads With the goal of further encouraging walking among Munich's population, the city has developed a long-term strategy to make accessible pedestrian spaces and routes fundamental to future...

  3. News
    27 November 2014

    Munich approves bike-sharing scheme (Germany)

    2911 reads The Germany city of Munich has approved plans to implement a bike-sharing system, which will see 1 200 rental bikes made available across 125 locations from mid-2015 onwards. In approving the...

  4. News
    03 January 2015

    New citizen-run bike safety platform in Freiburg (Germany)

    2112 reads A new citizen-inspired website is providing an online platform where cyclists in Freiburg can report problems with cycling infrastructure and access information on cycling safety. 'Besser...

  5. Event
    06 July 2015

    Clean Air For European Cities

    Language English 2804 reads English Air pollution has become the biggest environmental health risk with over 7 million deaths globally and 400 000 in Europe attributed to air pollution. The external health...

  6. Event
    14 September 2015

    Hamburg Urban Transport Weeks 2015

    Language English 1745 reads Sustainable Solutions- Latest trends in Science and Practice- International Job Perspectives- See more at: http://www English Transport is one of the most pressing global issues...

  7. News
    10 August 2015

    Munich plans for cycling across urban area (Germany)

    2252 reads The German city of Munich is looking into building 'cycle highways' connecting the city centre with the suburbs and surrounding region. A feasibility study will begin soon based on the...

  8. Event
    14 April 2016

    Embracing active travel for health

    3800 reads Language English SWITCH project final conference English In its final conference, the EU co-funded SWITCH project will present results and share knowledge with European cities on embracing active...

  9. Event
    22 June 2016

    SmartMove final conference

    5548 reads Language English Active mobility consultancy to increase awareness and use of public transport English The SmartMove project consortium coordially invites you to its final conference, to be held...

  10. Event
    16 February 2017

    Fahrrad Essen 2017

    Language German 1676 reads Die wichtigste Fahrrad-Messe in Nordrhein-Westfalen German Die Fahrrad Essen ist die wichtigste Fahrrad-Messe in NRW. Vom 16. bis 19. Februar 2017 präsentieren Hersteller hier...