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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. EMU article
    29 June 2011

    PRESTO- Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode

    The PRESTO project applies the best of Europe's know-how on cycling to trigger a higher modal share of cycling, develop a "cycling culture" in cities and strengthen stakeholder cooperation....

  2. EMU article
    26 November 2015

    New on Eltis: more SUMP resources for cities

    Following a lull in activity due to a changeover at the reins, the Eltis Team has returned to full capacity. We’re ramping up website activity once again, and creating and hosting valuable content to...

  3. EMU article
    21 December 2015

    Eltis interview: Providing evidence of the benefits of sustainable transport

    This month, Eltis interviews transport planning specialist Colin Black, project co-ordinator of the EU-funded EVIDENCE project.    Please sum up your project in a sentence CB: The EVIDENCE project...

  4. EMU article
    26 January 2016

    Transferring sustainable urban mobility policy and best-practice

    The EU co-funded ENDURANCE project started in May 2013 and since then it has been doing valuable work in helping to establish national Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) networks in Europe. The project...

  5. EMU article
    24 February 2016

    Eltis interview: Identifying transferable sustainable mobility solutions

    This month, Eltis interviews Oliver Lah from the Wuppertal Institute, the project co-ordinator of the SOLUTIONS project.   Please sum up your project in a sentence OL:   SOLUTIONS identifies innovative...

  6. EMU article
    30 March 2016

    SUMP conference preview: planning the efficient city

    Sustainable urban transport systems can greatly reduce noise and air pollution, lower energy use, improve citizen health and enhance quality of life. City planners across Europe are increasingly aware that...

  7. EMU article
    19 May 2016

    3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

    3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans 12 – 13 April 2016 | Bremen, Germany   Planning the efficient city On 12-13 April 2016, over 400 participants from the fields of transport...

  8. EMU article
    23 May 2016

    Eltis interview: celebrating sustainable mobility alternatives with citizens

    This month, Eltis interviews Jerome Simpson from the Regional Environmental Center, the project co-ordinator of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK campaign.   Please sum up EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK in a sentence JS:...

  9. EMU article
    27 June 2016

    The European cities awarded for making a difference

    Improving the accessibility of transport for people with disabilities, making streets safer for children, and expanding pedestrian areas; there are many ways cities can promote sustainable urban mobility...

  10. EMU article
    26 July 2016

    Eltis interview: Introducing smarter mobility solutions to cities

    This month, Eltis interviews  Dr Barbara Möhlendick from the City of Cologne, and a partner in the GrowSmarter project.  Please sum up the GrowSmarter project in a sentence BM: GrowSmarter brings together...