Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Promoting bicycle traffic

    2890 reads Still-increasing private motorisation results in unsustainable traffic congestion and air pollution in cities and regions of Central Europe. By designing and implementing trans-national, cross...

  2. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Social inclusion

    3061 reads The CIVITAS MODERN and CIVITAS VANGUARD projects held a training workshop on social inclusion in urban transport and mobility systems. The focus was on different target groups, existing factors...

  3. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Advanced telematics for urban transport improvement

    2694 reads The CIVITAS MIMOSA and CIVITAS VANGUARD projects held a training workshop on advanced telematics for urban transport improvement. The training workshop provided: The opportunity to exchange...

  4. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Integrated planning

    3027 reads The CIVITAS High Level Training Workshop on Integrated Planning provided participants with a thorough understanding of integrated planning as a means to better manage transport in cities. Using...

  5. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Organising an individualised social marketing campaign for sustainable transport solutions in cities

    3557 reads This training workshop, organised by CIVITAS VANGUARD provided a theoretical background to individualised social marketing; a generic step-by-step guide for setting up an individualised marketing...

  6. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Mobility management with a focus on company travel planning

    2777 reads CIVITAS VANGUARD held, in co-operation with CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES and EPOMM-Plus, a training workshop on mobility management, with a focus on company travel planning. The training provided: An...

  7. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Communicating with the citizen

    2842 reads The CIVITAS VANGUARD project organised in co-operation with CIVITAS MIMOSA a training workshop on external communication techniques to effectively distribute messages about sustainable urban...

  8. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Stakeholder consultation and citizen engagement

    3043 reads CIVITAS VANGUARD organised its first training workshop on successful transport decision-making through stakeholder consultation and engagement processes to support CIVITAS Plus cities. Together...

  9. Training material
    12 March 2013

    Clean Fuels, Clean Vehicles, Cleaner City

    3614 reads In June 2011, the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES, CIVITAS VANGUARD and BIOSIRE projects organised a joint event on alternative fuels and vehicles entitled ‘Clean Fuels, Clean Vehicles, Cleaner Cities’. The...

  10. Training material
    20 March 2013

    Together on the move

    3462 reads These resources are ready-to-use teaching and training materials provided for the target group of adult immigrants and for persons working with them. The materials are useful for language...