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  1. News
    20 June 2016

    Rybnik asks citizens for help with mobility plan (Poland)

    1586 reads The city of Rybnik in south-west Poland is hosting a series of meetings with the public to develop a plan for sustainable urban mobility. The primary aim of the meetings is to examine the reasons...

  2. Event
    01 June 2016

    IEEE ICALT'2016

    Language English 1153 reads The 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport English The fifth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport  will bring together...

  3. News
    31 May 2016

    Warsaw traffic management expansion to improve public transport (Poland)

    3600 reads The Polish capital of Warsaw is planning an expansion of its integrated traffic management system to reduce congestion and make public transport more efficient. The system is currently in place...

  4. Event
    18 April 2016

    Transport Research Arena 2016

    Language English 915 reads English The Transport Research Arena is the most important transport research event in Europe, gathering every 2 years the key stakeholders such as researchers, experts, operators...

  5. News
    14 April 2016

    Łódź to prioritise pedestrian mobility (Poland)

    2188 reads The city council of Łódź has adopted a resolution that will ensure that pedestrians have a priority in moving around the city and at traffic intersections. Plans include widening pavements,...

  6. News
    29 March 2016

    Commission approves €3.3 bn for Polish roads

    1222 reads The European Commission has approved 10 major projects worth €3.3 billion for the construction of approximately 330km of new express roads in Poland. The projects will receive contributions from...

  7. News
    23 February 2016

    Warsaw to build ‘floating’ bike path (Poland)

    2257 reads The city of Warsaw is planning the construction of a suspended footbridge and cycle path along a major bridge in the city centre. The new infrastructure, for which the Polish capital recently...

  8. News
    11 January 2016

    Olsztyn reintroduces trams after 40-year absence (Poland)

    1339 reads The Polish city of Olsztyn last month opened its first tram service to try and help ease its transport problems, some 40 years after closing its original network. The first trams rolled onto...

  9. Photo
    19 August 2015

    Surveillance screen in traffic management control room

    2217 reads Walter Koehn Urban mobility planning Image copyright: Walter Koehn-, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Poland Szczecinek ...

  10. Photo
    17 August 2015

    Rickshaws in Szczecinek

    1618 reads Walter Koehn Intermodality Image copyright: Walter Koehn-, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Poland Szczecinek ...