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  1. News
    22 June 2012

    Wroclaw project gives old bicycles a second life (Poland)

    480 reads Under the Pink Recyklist project in Wroclaw, south western Poland, old and disused bicycles were collected and made useful again. First functionality was restored to the bikes, then a touch of art...

  2. Case study
    09 June 2012
  3. Case study
    03 June 2012
  4. News
    31 May 2012

    Unemployed people from Kalisz will be cycling to their new jobs (Poland)

    620 reads In April the District Employment Office in the Polish town of Kalisz began a special project for people out of work. 40 bicycles are provided to allow people to get to their new destinations of...

  5. News
    31 May 2012

    Bike discussions over coffee in Lodz (Poland)

    458 reads In mid-May the Bicycle Café initiative was launched in Lodz, with the aim integrating people from the bicycle community. Subjects related to cycling in the city will be discussed at regular...

  6. News
    24 May 2012

    The first bicycle filter lane in Opole (Poland)

    471 reads The first bicycle filter lane for the south-western Polish town of Opole is planned. The project is controversial among car drivers, but for bicycle supporters it is an opportunity to solve...

  7. News
    22 May 2012

    Poland pays cycling study visit to France (Poland)

    444 reads In mid-March, a Polish study visit to France was carried out to develop knowledge about western European cycling infrastructure solutions. Representatives of cycling organisations and officials...

  8. News
    16 May 2012

    Gdynia rewards cycling commuters (Poland)

    930 reads Roads and Greenery Management in the city of Gdynia is coordinating a pilot project to encourage more people to commute to work by bicycle. Frequent use of the bicycle for commuting will be...

  9. Case study
    30 April 2012
  10. Case study
    30 April 2012