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    02 December 2016

    A smart city means an inclusive city

    http://www.remourban.eu/News--Events/News/A-Smart-City-Means-An-Inclusive-City.k... ...

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    29 November 2016

    Val-de-Marne receives accessibility award for bus stops (France)

    1445 reads The department of Val-de-Marne has been recognised for its work in transforming thousands of bus stops to make them more accessible for people with reduced mobility to board and exit buses. Val...

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    09 August 2016

    Seminar discusses role of 'flexible' public transport

    2240 reads Public transport comes in different forms and sizes, including demand-responsive (or 'flexible') services that have been part of the public transport systems for quite some time now. ...

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    23 June 2016

    Workshop presents ICT solutions for mobility impaired (Spain)

    1835 reads Madrid City Council together with the EU-funded SIMON mobility project hosted a seminar last week to present applications and services that can help people with disabilities and elderly people...

  5. News
    30 May 2016

    Bucharest metro increases access to transport (Romania)

    2953 reads Bucharest's metro network has announced that it will implement routes for use by visually-impaired passengers at its existing metro stations. The routes will be marked using special ceramic...

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    23 May 2016

    Klaipėda tests bus network for people with reduced mobility (Lithuania)

    1460 reads The city of Klaipėda conducted a recent experiment where it assessed how well buses and related infrastructure were adapted to the needs of its citizens with disabilities. The test was conducted...

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    23 December 2015

    Milan wins Access City Award 2016 (Italy)

    2239 reads Milan has won an award recognising its efforts towards making it more accessible for people with disabilities. The Italian city won the European Union’s 2016  Access City Award. The award is one...

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    08 December 2015

    Braga students create accessibility map (Portugal)

    1305 reads A group of students from Braga has created a free map showing how people with reduced mobility can best navigate the Portuguese city and its sights. The map was created by students studying a...

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    28 November 2015

    Lithuanian municipality involves disability group in SUMP discussions

    1372 reads The municipality of Druskininkai in Lithuania recently held a seminar together with a national disability organisation to discuss the development of its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)....

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    23 November 2015

    New app for travellers with reduced mobility released

    2583 reads A free smartphone application that helps people with reduced mobility with navigation over multiple modes of transport, orientation and parking, has been launched. The app, designed by the EU...