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    07 February 2002
  2. News
    07 February 2002
  3. News
    22 March 2005

    Paris plans to restrict access to city centre

    consultation on the traffic plans will be carried out. Source: [ BBC News ...

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    10 March 2005

    Urban transport experts gathered in the first NICHES Working Group meeting

    261 reads The aim of the project is to stimulate a wide debate on innovative urban transport and mobility between relevant stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines across Europe. NICHES will...

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    09 March 2005

    Constraints for congestion charging implementation in Edinburgh and Stockholm

    [ Transport News Network website]. Archive ...

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    09 March 2005

    Call for expert evaluators

    643 reads The European Commission invites for applications with a view to drawing up a list of experts to assist the Commission in evaluation activities in connection with the EIE Programme and its...

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    07 March 2005

    Well implemented soft measures on transport can provide an excellent rate of return according to a study carried out...

    277 reads According to the study Smarter Choices: Changing the Way We Travel each pound spent on soft measures could bring about 10 pounds of benefit in reduced congestion alone, plus further potential...

  8. News
    04 March 2005

    Commission intends to launch a new action to promote CIVITAS results

    194 reads The objective is to ensure the exploitation of CIVITAS experiences to a maximum level, the knowledge transfer from the participant cities, the implementation of additional dissemination means, and...

  9. News
    28 April 2003

    ECMT awards a special prize to transport managers implementing strategies to improve transport accessibility

    Forum)awarded a special prize to the Syndicat mixte de Transports en Commun of Grenoble (France) and to the VAG ... particularly for the handicapped. The first prize was shared by the Syndicat mixte de...

  10. News
    28 April 2003

    Mayor of London discusses the expansion of the congestion charging measure

    212 reads Ken Livingstone plans to expand the congestion charging area in London and to toll airline passengers driving to Heathrow airport London mayor Ken Livingstone said on April 8 that, apart from...