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Resultados de la búsqueda

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    01 July 2011

    Developing local travel plan networks

    1399 reads Travel plans can be thought of as packages of measures which promote cleaner and greener travel choices and reduce reliance on private cars. Travel plans are tailored to the needs of individual...

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    01 June 2012

    Low-carbon indicators

    1927 reads The Regions for Sustainable Change project has developed a comprehensive toolkit of low-carbon indicators for use by European regions in policy-making. The toolkit is designed to provide...

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    02 September 2011

    Investing in space for pedestrians

    1950 reads Living Streets, a campaigning organisation that promotes walking, has produced a report reviewing the evidence for the benefits of investing in walkable public spaces. It presents successful case...

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    08 September 2011

    Design for better streets

    1341 reads During much of the 20th century, urban planning in Europe's cities and towns tended to prioritise space for cars over pedestrians, cyclists or public transport users. Inclusive street design...

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    02 February 2011

    Quality management for mobility management

    1374 reads Mobility management is understood as 'soft' measures such as information and communication campaigns, organising services and co-ordinating activities of different partners, with the...

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    06 March 2013

    Promoting workplace sustainable mobility through labelling

    a workplace is also important. The MoMa.Biz project has developed a labelling tool which allows business ... use the Mobility Labelling tool, visit Photo by Tommi Bergman / CC BY-NC-SA Quality,...

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    20 December 2013

    Mobility management good practice

    1934 reads Mobility management is an effective, low-cost method to promote sustainable mobility. Acting with technical and infrastructural improvements, mobility management projects and campaigns help to...

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    16 May 2011

    Sustainable mobility policy notes

    1314 reads The NICHES+ project has produced concise policy notes for practitioners on a wide variety of sustainable mobility topics, focusing chiefly on clean and energy-efficient vehicles, mobility...

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    06 April 2011

    Planning and implementing innovative measures

    1486 reads The NICHES+ project developed twelve practitioner manuals innovative measures for making urban transport more efficient and sustainable. The manuals aim to make these measures mainstream urban...

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    06 July 2011

    OBIS Handbook- optimising bike-sharing in Europe

    3185 reads Bike-sharing schemes, once the domain of capitals and major cities, are becoming increasingly common in Europe's cities and towns. The experiences of bike-sharing schemes in ten European...