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  1. Tool
    29 November 2013

    Guidance on implementing car sharing

    1648 reads A number of factsheets have been produced by the Momo Car-sharing project about different aspects of implementing car-sharing programmes illustrated with good practice examples, as well as a...

  2. Tool
    02 December 2011

    Making new real estate developments accessible to sustainable transport

    1036 reads This guidance document addresses the need to make new building projects accessible to sustainable transport modes. It is primarily targeted at investors, developers and urban planners and focuses...

  3. Tool
    18 December 2012

    Marketing public transport

    1105 reads In order to increase utilisation of public transport, it is important to properly market public transport services to inform members of the public about the benefits to themselves and their...

  4. Tool
    16 May 2011

    Promoting awareness of cycling

    1077 reads European societies and health systems are suffering from the consequences of increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Urgent action is required to raise Europeans' level of activity, which...

  5. Tool
    21 August 2012

    Promoting cycling in small and medium-sized cities

    1102 reads Experience shows that investing in cycling significantly improves public health, resulting in lower health care costs and reduced emissions. Making cycling a priority is a forward-looking, win...

  6. Tool
    01 July 2011

    Developing local travel plan networks

    1076 reads Travel plans can be thought of as packages of measures which promote cleaner and greener travel choices and reduce reliance on private cars. Travel plans are tailored to the needs of individual...

  7. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Quality management for mobility management

    1048 reads Mobility management is understood as 'soft' measures such as information and communication campaigns, organising services and co-ordinating activities of different partners, with the...

  8. Tool
    06 March 2013

    Promoting workplace sustainable mobility through labelling

    953 reads There are many ways in which employers and transport managers can promote sustainable mobility. However, getting an idea of how measures can work together to create a truly sustainable mobility...

  9. Tool
    06 October 2011

    Sustainable mobility campaigns for young people

    1409 reads Ensuring that children adopt sustainable mobility behaviour early will go a long way to resolving future challenges in a variety of policy areas, including transport, the environment and health....

  10. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Campaigning for sustainable transport

    810 reads Communications campaigns are a vital tool in encouraging people to change the mobility behaviour and highlight the availability of new infrastructure and services. Evidence has shown that when...