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    09 September 2011

    City hall of Szczecin employs bicycle officer (Poland)

    276 reads The authorities of the Polish town of Szczecin have created a new post at the city hall. A representative of the urban cycling interest has been picked out of 6 candidates and started work on...

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    17 November 2011

    Cinema ticket discounts for cyclists in Poznan (Poland)

    479 reads A recently opened cinema in Poznan is offering a special discount for cyclists. The offer is valid until the end of the year. A small picture house in Poznan called Orbis Pictus, created by a...

  3. News
    28 November 2011

    City Bike” in Poznan next year (Poland)

    349 reads The municipality of Poznan is about to appoint a company to set up seven self-service bike hire points in the city. The awarding process for the Poznan “City bike” is in its final stage. The...

  4. News
    08 December 2011

    Lodz develops city infrastructure for cyclists (Poland)

    450 reads The Lodz Municipal Roads and Transport Department is installing new safety equipment in the roads and pavements of the city to support cycling. Installation works will last until the end of...

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    16 December 2011

    Cycle path snowploughs in Gdansk (Poland)

    812 reads The Polish city of Gdansk is prepared for encouraging bicycle commuting this winter. Some 30km of cycle paths will remain passable even on snowy days. The municipality street maintenance unit...

  6. News
    23 December 2011

    First automatic cyclist counter in Poland

    280 reads Lodz is the first town in Poland to decide to buy and install a cyclist counter. The idea is to both measure bicycle traffic and find out how the traffic intensity changes throughout the day and...

  7. News
    13 January 2012

    City of Torun plans bike rental service (Poland)

    657 reads Torun, a city with 200,000 inhabitants in central Poland, is set to be the fourth city in the country with a common bike rental system. Altogether about 100 bikes will be available at 20 rental...

  8. News
    15 March 2012

    Warsaw Public Bicycle (Poland)

    649 reads In one of Warsaw’s districts, 13 public bicycle rental stations are being introduced. The locations of the stations support the existing city transportation system. The investment is being...

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    22 March 2012

    Spring curb lowering in Wroclaw (Poland)

    243 reads Until now most curb lowering in Wroclaw has taken place along assigned bicycle routes. Now more bike friendly lowered curbs will appear at locations that have been specifically chosen by Wroclaw...

  10. News
    13 April 2012

    Safer pedestrian crossings in Chorzow (Poland)

    8681 reads The authorities of Chorzow in southern Poland have installed devices called Välkky near two pedestrian crossings for testing. The devices should improve pedestrian safety by signalling the...