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  1. News
    06 July 2012

    Bono-Taxi Accesible: a taxi service for people with restricted mobility (Spain)

    630 reads The city of Zaragoza will offer a special discount taxi service for people with disabilities, called “Bono-Taxi Accesible”. The service will first be introduced as a pilot project during the...

  2. News
    12 September 2012

    New guidance for bus drivers concerning mobility-impaired passengers (UK)

    559 reads Transport for London has issued new guidance to bus drivers to help improve journeys for wheelchair and mobility scooter users and other bus passengers with accessibility needs. The guidance is...

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    22 October 2012

    Parking space to be reserved for pregnant women in Rzeszow (Poland)

    1529 reads The Provincial Road Traffic Centre in Rzeszow is advocating the expansion of privileged parking places to include expectant mothers. The Centre has already developed and patented a special road...

  4. News
    26 November 2012

    CARS2020: An encouraging blueprint that needs follow-up

    717 reads The European Transport Safety Council has welcomed the publication of the Action Plan for the European automotive industry. In order to significantly improve safety on EU roads and to reach the EU...

  5. News
    26 November 2012

    ISEMOA presents tool to improve accessibility in cities, towns and regions

    835 reads The EU funded project ISEMOA – Improving seamless energy-efficient mobility chains for all presented its state-of-the-art Quality Management Scheme in its second newsletter. The ISEMOA Quality...

  6. News
    07 December 2012

    Eurobarometer on accessibility

    668 reads The aim of the Eurobarometer on accessibility was to help identify and analyse accessibility issues affecting disabled people living within the EU. The survey covers the following three areas: 1....

  7. News
    28 January 2013

    Barcelona metropolitan public transport company wins accessibility award 2012 (Spain)

    908 reads Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), the Barcelona metropolitan public transport company received the 2012 Award Premio Corresponsables, which honours the most socially responsible company...

  8. News
    25 February 2013

    70% of London's bus stops now fully accessible

    735 reads Transport for London (TfL) has announced that the plan to greatly improve the accessibility of bus stops has reached its first milestone – to make 70 per cent of stops fully accessible – 2 months...

  9. News
    18 April 2013

    Transport for London launched Accessible App competition (UK)

    916 reads Transport for London (TfL) has launched a competition to develop an app which improves accessibility of London's transport system. TfL is looking for developers to build on recent innovations...

  10. News
    29 May 2013

    ASSISTANT helps older people navigate public transport

    2571 reads It is estimated that in Europe today, older people make about half of their trips by car. The ASSISTANT project (Aiding SuStainable Independent Senior TrAvellers to Navigate in Towns) is creating...