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  1. News
    15 January 2021

    Cities-4-People publishes its final set of deliverables

    This project focused on people oriented transport and mobility has now concluded and published a set of deliverables for future consultation and replication. ...

  2. Event
    23 June 2021

    European Research and Innovation Days

    https://ec.europa.eu/research-and-innovation/en/events/upcoming-events/research-innovation-days Europe-wide Online 23 Jun 2021- 09:00 to 24 Jun 2021- 17:00 Policy and research ... https://ec.europa.eu...

  3. News
    14 December 2020

    EEA report shows improvement in air quality over the past decade

    The European Environment Agency has recently launched its yearly 'Air Quality Report for 2020'. It is the latest annual assessment of the status and impacts of air quality, along with recent air...

  4. News
    16 November 2020

    Policy Brief: Towards a Common European Framework for Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators

    1607 reads As a cornerstone of its urban mobility policy, the European Commission has strongly encouraged European towns and cities of all sizes to embrace the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans ...

  5. News
    09 November 2020

    Consumer priorities in relation to urban mobility identified

    1071 reads A recently published report “Solving the Mobility Challenge in Megacities” investigated the mobility priorities of 2,000 people in cities around the world in order to learn what transport users...

  6. News
    19 October 2020

    Delivering 'Mobility as a Service' in cities: Evidence from pilot studies

    1893 reads With the projected growth in transport demand, the current way of providing transport is unsustainable and generates the need for innovative services that could support seamless mobility and a...

  7. News
    06 October 2020

    Hybrid engagement techniques enable citizen-led projects to deliver results in times of a pandemic

    As COVID-19 brought face-to-face scientific research to a screeching halt, analysts scrambled to find an alternative. Citizen science offered a solution. ...

  8. Event
    21 April 2021

    Covenant of Mayors- Stepping up action for a fairer, climate-neutral Europe

    21 April at 14:30 CEST. Online event for the official launch of the renewed ambitions of the Covenant of Mayors. ...

  9. News
    31 August 2020

    New micromobility data platform launched to help cities and operators

    The New Urban Mobility alliance (NUMO) has launched a new platform to support cities and operators with the implementation of micromobility services. ...

  10. Event
    24 March 2021

    Road space reallocation: governance challenges, practical issues & visions for future streets

    24 March 2020 at 10:00-15:30 CET. Online event on road space reallocation and future need in transport demand and demographics. ...