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  1. News
    27 February 2013

    Wireless LAN in the buses of Walbrzych (Poland)

    664 reads The Public Transportation Company of Walbrzych in south Poland has recently launched Wi-Fi modems in twenty modern buses within its fleet, giving internet access to passengers using WLAN mobiles,...

  2. Event
    07 September 2016

    wocomoco 2016

    Language English 1465 reads 4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress English wocomoco is strongly committed to the theme of 'Collaborative Mobility' and the actors involved. It wishes to drive...

  3. News
    31 October 2012

    Workshops for cycling students in Krakow (Poland)

    672 reads In October 2012, the association 'Krakow- City of Bicycles' organised and prepared lectures and workshops for cycling students. The action called 'Safe cyclist, safe bike' aims...

  4. News
    30 April 2012

    Workshops for inexperienced cyclists in Szczecin (Poland)

    313 reads The Bicycle Association of Szczecin wants to promote cycling among those who do not feel confident to participate in the city traffic by bicycle. It has held a number of cycling workshops which...

  5. News
    21 January 2011

    Wroclaw aims to become the greenest city in middle Europe (Poland)

    301 reads The municipality of Wroclaw recently introduced a new project “Wroclaw for climate” aiming at transforming the city into the greenest and inhabitant friendliest ones in the middle Europe. The...

  6. News
    13 September 2012

    Wroclaw city transport ticket machines to include train tickets (Poland)

    1484 reads One of the railway companies operating in Poland will offer the option to purchase its train tickets from city public transportation vending machines in Wroclaw. Additional equipment is currently...

  7. News
    31 May 2011

    Wroclaw continues eliminating heavy traffic in the city centre (Poland)

    555 reads Next month restrictions on heavy traffic entering the city are set to tighten. The city of Wroclaw has decided to limit the amount of heavy traffic on its streets. In March 2011 a periodic ban on...

  8. Case study
    21 November 2011
  9. News
    10 August 2011

    Wroclaw improves quality and safety of public transportation (Poland)

    288 reads The transportation company of Wroc?aw (MPK) has invited tenders for the supply and installation of CCTV, passenger information systems and a bus/tram passenger flow monitoring system on its fleet....

  10. News
    21 October 2011

    Wroclaw improves safety of its public transport fleet (Poland)

    199 reads 130 buses and 121 trams in Wroclaw will get monitoring system devices and public information displays next year. The city wants to improve the service quality of public transport and reduce acts...