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  1. Case study
    21 November 2011
  2. News
    10 August 2011

    Wroclaw improves quality and safety of public transportation (Poland)

    288 reads The transportation company of Wroc?aw (MPK) has invited tenders for the supply and installation of CCTV, passenger information systems and a bus/tram passenger flow monitoring system on its fleet....

  3. News
    21 October 2011

    Wroclaw improves safety of its public transport fleet (Poland)

    199 reads 130 buses and 121 trams in Wroclaw will get monitoring system devices and public information displays next year. The city wants to improve the service quality of public transport and reduce acts...

  4. News
    07 May 2012

    Wroclaw invests in machine to straighten tracks (Poland)

    399 reads Since the end of March a special machine has been helping to adjust the tramway tracks on one of the restored streets of Wroclaw. The task was to match the height of the two sets of rails in order...

  5. News
    22 June 2012

    Wroclaw project gives old bicycles a second life (Poland)

    480 reads Under the Pink Recyklist project in Wroclaw, south western Poland, old and disused bicycles were collected and made useful again. First functionality was restored to the bikes, then a touch of art...

  6. News
    12 August 2011

    Wroclaw teaches its senior citizens to use ticket machines (Poland)

    1186 reads The public transportation company of Wroc?aw (MPK) has arranged workshops for older users of the city’s trams and buses. The objective is to encourage them to use ticket machines in vehicles and...

  7. News
    26 April 2011

    Wroclaw transportation history exhibition (Poland)

    425 reads The Municipal Museum and Wroclaw’s transportation company (MPK) aim to host an exhibition detailing the history of its public transport facilities, in 2012. As part of a wider campaign Let's...

  8. Case study
    06 December 2011
  9. News
    15 November 2012

    Zakopane wants to introduce green public transport (Poland)

    591 reads Two new hybrid cars are to be tested on the streets of Zakopane, a town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. The cars have already been delivered to Zakopane and made available...

  10. News
    13 October 2017

    Zielona Góra places largest electric bus order in Polish history

    3150 reads Zielona Góra has shown its commitment to clean and energy efficient vehicles with the largest order ever placed for electric buses in Poland. Whilst cities such as Krakow already already boast a...