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  1. News
    24 May 2012

    The first bicycle filter lane in Opole (Poland)

    471 reads The first bicycle filter lane for the south-western Polish town of Opole is planned. The project is controversial among car drivers, but for bicycle supporters it is an opportunity to solve...

  2. News
    07 October 2011

    The first Intelligent Transport System in Wroclaw (Poland)

    630 reads On the 10th of September the first stage of Wroclaw’s Intelligent Transport System was activated. The project is supported by the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E):...

  3. Case study
    03 November 2008
  4. Case study
    10 January 2011
  5. News
    30 January 2012

    The longest tram in Poland will soon be operating in Krakow (Poland)

    1374 reads The longest tram in Poland will be purchased by the public transport operator in Krakow. The vehicle was built by the PROTRAM company from Wroclaw. The project will be completed at the end of...

  6. Case study
    15 January 2008
  7. News
    31 December 2012

    The region of Silesia upgrades important tram tracks (Poland)

    413 reads At a cost of the equivalent of nearly €1.5 million, important sections of tram tracks in the cities of Bytom and Zabrzu will be modernised until mid-2013. The contract is part of a large...

  8. Case study
    23 August 2019
  9. News
    10 August 2011

    The town of Opole informs its citizens about traffic congestion (Poland)

    305 reads The authorities of the Polish town of Opole want to improve the urban traffic flow during rush hours. To achieve this, a new information system is to be launched. Looking for new options to...

  10. Case study
    11 October 2012