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    02 March 2020

    Remourban Final Video: voices from the Lighthouse cities

    18 reads Watch the video about our three lighthouse cities, Valladolid, Nottingham and Tepebasi/Eskisehir and discover Remourban's main outcomes. Fighting climate change is the challenge of our century...

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    22 April 2021

    Rationalisation of the electric public transport system in Maribor

    20 reads The Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia, commissioned experts from the University of Ljubljana to prepare a study about the best economic and technical solutions for the electrification of a bus line...

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    06 August 2021

    Province of Noord-Holland goes for zero-emission buses

    of Noord-Holland has launched the country’s first zero-emission bus concession in the Region Gooi en ...

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    18 February 2021

    Poland proposes new legislation for e-scooters and other personal transport devices

    loetud 35 korda The Council of Ministers in Poland has adopted a draft amendment to the Road Traffic Act and certain other regulations in order to better regulate the status of e-scooters and other...

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    30 March 2021

    Pilsen finished tests of a new battery technology for a trolleybus line

    18 leituras The Pilsen City Public Transport Company (PMDP) in Cezch Republic has successfully finished its pilot in the Interreg EfficienCE project, namely a series of tests of a battery buffer storage...

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    01 February 2021

    Pilot in Tirana to produce renewable energy for lighting and electric cars

    protection by using zero carbon energy sources. Original article published by Balkan Green Energy News on ...

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    18 January 2021

    Paris public transport operator orders 109 electric buses

    12 reads The French state-owned public transport operator RATP has placed two orders for a total of 109 electric buses. The order was announced by Bluebus – a French electric bus manufacturer within the...

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    30 June 2021

    Overview of recent announcements to phase out the internal combustion engine

    The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has published an overview of government targets for phasing out the sale of new passenger cars using the internal combustion engine. ...

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    17 June 2019

    On the way to spur uptake of electric and hybrid mobility

    629 reads A major challenge in the automotive industry is to produce a single, integrated drivetrain to work on different classes of hybrid and electric cars and thus meet the growing trend for greater...

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    27 June 2019

    Nottingham ready to beat Theresa May’s climate targets

    http://www.remourban.eu/news--events/news/nottingham-ready-to-beat-theresa-mays-... ...