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  1. Photo
    14 August 2015

    Bike trailer rack in Szczecinek

    1669 reads Walter Koehn Walking and cycling Image copyright: Walter Koehn-, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Poland Szczecinek ...

  2. News
    15 May 2014

    Bike-sharing system extends across Warsaw (Poland)

    987 reads Warsaw's Veturilo system, which has been in operation since August 2012, will see new stations and bikes made available in five more of the city's districts to mark its second...

  3. Photo
    17 August 2015

    Boat entrance in Szczecinek

    1388 reads Walter Koehn Intermodality Image copyright: Walter Koehn-, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Poland Szczecinek ...

  4. News
    25 May 2012

    Bus lane for UEFA members in Warsaw (Poland)

    1051 reads For the EURO 2012, a new bus lane is being installed in the?wirki i Wigury Street in Warsaw, a thoroughfare leading from the Warsaw International Airport to the city centre. This will give...

  5. News
    12 April 2011

    Bus lanes for minibuses carrying persons with limited mobility in Warsaw (Poland)

    392 reads Warsaw is planning to allow minibuses operated by the City Transport for Persons with Limited Mobility Association to enter newly built bus lanes, which are planned to be finished this Summer. The...

  6. News
    24 December 2012

    Bus service connects the twin cities of Slubice (Poland) and Frankfurt (Germany)

    1552 reads In December a new bus line across the Oder river started to operate. Thus, two border towns sharing many urban amenities and collaborating on various projects have been connected with public...

  7. News
    19 March 2012

    Bus stop real time displays in Silesian region next year (Poland)

    209 reads In the first quarter of 2013, 72 stops throughout the industrial region of Silesia in south Poland will be equipped with real time bus departure boards. The winner of the tender will carry out the...

  8. News
    06 January 2012

    Buses with bicycle mounts in Szczecin (Poland)

    359 reads The Polish town of Szczecin has decided to enhance cyclists’ comfort in travelling around the city. The authorities have called for bids for buses equipped with safe bicycle mounts. There are a...

  9. News
    13 July 2012

    Buses with Wi-Fi hotspot tested in Warsaw (Poland)

    1020 reads Ten public buses in Warsaw have been fitted with Wi-Fi devices. If the trial proves successful, Internet access may soon be available in further vehicles. Specially marked public buses with free...

  10. News
    20 April 2012

    Buying tickets via mobile phone in Lodz (Poland)

    249 reads The authorities of Lodz in central Poland now provide residents with a convenient method of buying tickets for public transport services via mobile phone. Similar systems are already working in...