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  1. Event
    06 February 2013

    INTERMODES 2013- 5th International Congress on Passenger Transport Intermodality

    Language English 1579 reads Towards a mobile and sustainable Europe English INTERMODES is the 1st European Event entirely devoted to intermodal passenger transport. This B2B event will host for its 5th...

  2. Event
    29 November 2012

    Innovation in Transport for Sustainable Cities and Regions

    902 reads Language English Annual Polis conference English The Polis Annual Conferences provide an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the...

  3. Event
    27 November 2012

    The 4th Annual Sharing the Streets Conference

    Language English 162 reads English The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Annual Sharing the Streets conferences held in Liverpool, Derby and London respectively attracted over 300 participants from the UK, Ireland and the...

  4. Event
    30 September 2012

    2012 International Conference on Walking and Sustainable Cities

    Language English 657 reads Walk21 in a unique partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Transport Mexico is very pleased to invite you to join us for this landmark event in Mexico City. This 4-day...

  5. Event
    26 August 2012

    International Geographical Congress 2012

    Language English 293 reads The 32nd International Geographical Congress in Cologne focuses scientific attention on the core themes of humanity. Researchers from around the world are expected in Cologne in...

  6. Event
    11 July 2012

    AESOP 2012 Annual Conference

    906 reads Language English Planning to Achieve/Planning to Avoid: The Need for New Discourses and Practices in Spatial Development and Planning The Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) will...

  7. Event
    26 June 2012

    RailBE2012- Rail Transport Brokerage Event

    564 reads Language English English The Polish National Contact Point for FP7 and The European Rail Transport Technology Platform (ERRAC) organize a brokerage event to foster collaboration between partners...

  8. Event
    12 June 2012

    ECOMM 2012

    1048 reads Language English European Conference on Mobility Management English Actively supported by the municipality of Frankfurt, traffiQ organises from the 12th to the 15th of June the 16th Annual...

  9. Event
    06 May 2012


    Language English 389 reads Innovation for Sustainable Production i-SUP2012 invites to discuss and present your ideas and results on Cleantech leading to climate change adaptation and mitigation and a...

  10. Event
    21 March 2012

    Information Day on the Budapest public bicycle sharing scheme

    395 reads Language English bubi English The Capital City of Budapest and the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK), a company fully owned by the Municipality in charge of managing and controlling the capital...