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  1. News
    09 May 2011

    New roof-based exhaust pipe buses in Lublin (Poland)

    569 reads 40 new, air-conditioned buses will start operating in Lublin, South-east Poland, later this year. Half of them will be equipped with roof-based exhaust pipes. Last week the Transport Authority of...

  2. News
    04 May 2011

    New Poznan trams for EuroCup 2012 (Poland)

    530 reads Polish based tram manufacturer Solaris will deliver 40 new trams to Poznan by spring 2012, in time for the 2012 European Football Championship finals, in which Poznan is a host city. In November...

  3. News
    16 May 2011

    CNG garbage truck for Tarnów (Poland)

    494 reads The City of Tarnow in south Poland has signed a agreement with the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) to purchase a subsidised small garbage truck powered with compressed natural gas (CNG)....

  4. News
    19 May 2011

    Hybrid police car on the streets of Warsaw (Poland)

    697 reads A Toyota hybrid car is being trialled by police in Warsaw until May. It will be used to patrol the centre of the city where a high density of pedestrians makes patrol cars with conventional...

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    20 May 2011

    Calmed traffic zones in the centre of Poznan (Poland)

    556 reads The city of Poznan wants to create 30km/h zones in the central part of the town, creating a more friendly environment for pedestrians, cyclists and the local residents. Being inspired by western...

  6. News
    24 May 2011

    Hybrid bus to be tested on the streets of Poznan (Poland)

    251 reads Towards the end of the year, the public transport company of Poznan (MPK) will test its second hybrid bus in the city. Poznan, is one of six large cities in Poland, situated in the west of the...

  7. News
    02 June 2011

    7 km of bus lanes to be built in Olsztyn over the next 2 years (Poland)

    456 reads Bus lanes are one of the best ways of improving urban public transport. Due to this fact, the Polish city of Olsztyn wants to improve its bus travel in the city centre by building 7 km of new bus...

  8. News
    30 May 2011

    Ecotram promotes ecological public transport in Warsaw (Poland)

    310 reads On May 6th the Tramways Company of Warsaw and the municipality jointly launched the operation of a special tram unit called “Ecotram” as part of a project to raise citizens awareness of ecology....

  9. News
    31 May 2011

    Polish railway company PKP Cargo modernises 130 diesel locomotives. (Poland)

    1127 reads PKP Cargo- Polish railway company operating goods transportation- has signed 3 contracts for modernising of 130 diesel locomotives. The aim is to reduce in fuel consumption by 30%. The...

  10. News
    31 May 2011

    Wroclaw continues eliminating heavy traffic in the city centre (Poland)

    555 reads Next month restrictions on heavy traffic entering the city are set to tighten. The city of Wroclaw has decided to limit the amount of heavy traffic on its streets. In March 2011 a periodic ban on...