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  1. News
    27 September 2011

    A central purchasing agency for public transport (France)

    261 reads The French association for independent public transport, Agir, has launched a central agency allowing local transport authorities to pool their purchases of buses, coaches, fuel, tyres, bus...

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    29 September 2011

    New cars delivered by barge in Paris (France)

    531 reads A new barge service on the Seine will deliver new cars to dealers and car rental firms in the centre of Paris. The service, named Distri, has beed developed by the French inland waterway company...

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    20 October 2011

    Natural gas refuelling stations for heavy trucks in Tours and its suburbs (France)

    202 reads Three natural gas refuelling stations will be operational in Tours by the end of 2012. The objective is to reduce pollution caused by heavy trucks. The construction of Natural Gas for Vehicles ...

  4. News
    19 October 2011

    The first hybrid trucks for goods transport hit the roads (France)

    255 reads Since the summer, a large French conveyor has begun using hybrid heavy trucks and in Lyon, Norbert Dentressangle has just received the keys of its first hybrid truck. Associating a thermal engine...

  5. News
    19 October 2011

    Energy efficient garbage collection (France)

    287 reads Nantes Métropole has been using innovative technology to save fuel and reduce emissions on its garbage trucks as well as streamlining services to be more energy efficient. The new household waste...

  6. News
    27 October 2011

    La Poste launches Greenovia for eco-mobility advice (France)

    478 reads To answer eco-mobility questions, car fleet owners now have a new mentor: Greenovia, a 100% subsidiary of La Poste, specialising in advising on eco-responsible mobility. Want to know how to...

  7. News
    20 October 2011

    Improvement of goods delivery conditions in town and reduction of impacts (France)

    365 reads In Greater Lyon a new service (FREILOT) of goods delivery is being trialed to reduce environmental impacts. Lyon (France), alongside Bilbao (Spain), Helmond (Netherlands) and Cracow (Poland) is...

  8. News
    20 October 2011

    The last delivery kilometre should be environmentally friendly (France)

    431 reads A French goods delivery company currently serving Paris and Lille is being equipped with electrical cars. Colizen Delivery Company has just signed an agreement with Renault to equip its delivery...

  9. News
    26 October 2011

    Montbéliard inaugurates 'à la carte' travel system (France)

    that “the general idea is that people can go and buy travelling time at their local news stand as they ...

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    03 November 2011

    Bordeaux's transport system representing 100 million trips per year and 54.7 million passengers (France)

    735 reads Bordeaux Metropole faces the challenge of providing an efficient and accessible public transport system for 720.000 inhabitants. Moreover, the Bordeaux Metropolitan Area serves 1.1 million...