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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    24 June 2011

    CITEAIR II Final Conference

    event, and to register online, click here. Italy Rome 24 Jun 2011- 01:01 CITEAIR II Final Conference ...

  2. Event
    29 June 2011

    TROLLEY Marketing Symposium

    Marketing Symposium and the registration form at The event is free of charge, but ...

  3. Event
    25 May 2011

    Tram- network extension, infrastructure and vehicle maintenance

    484 reads Language English English Silent, environmentally friendly, reliable and fast, tram systems appeal to many cities in Europe. If the cost of development is clearly perceived by local decision makers...

  4. Event
    06 June 2011

    2. Austrian Strategy Forum Electro-Mobility

    855 reads Language English German Implementation of Electro-Mobility in Austria and comparison with international market development and project experience from China, England, Netherlands, Germany and...

  5. Event
    24 June 2011


    Language English 563 reads International Workshop, Rome, 24 June 2011 English MDS Transmodal (MDST) and the Centro di Ricerca per il Trasporto e la Logistica (CTL) at Sapienza University of Rome have been...

  6. Event
    15 June 2011

    Urban Mobility 3.0

    and eService Platforms English The two day event is designed to debate, discuss and provide ... customers’ unmet needs. The event will debate and discuss the role of electric vehicles as a sustainable ... ...

  7. Event
    22 June 2011

    Towards better ITS decision-making and impacts assessment for public authorities

    709 reads Language English Joint CONDUITS-2DECIDE event English The European projects CONDUITS and ...

  8. Event
    30 October 2011

    Sustainable Mobility Summit 2011

    initiatives, carsharing services, special events, traveller information systems, transportation pricing and tax ...

  9. Event
    21 June 2011

    I Walk Bru

    the future is the final event in this process. Experts from the pilot cities will come and share their ...

  10. Event
    28 June 2011

    Conference on urban logistics

    logistics. The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the issues currently faced in urban logistics, ...