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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    Walking and cycling for leisure time

    6467 reads Other Active Access Mobility management ...

  2. Video
    05 June 2014

    Walking Bus in Haute Savoie, France

    6872 reads France Other Active Access Mobility management ...

  3. Tool
    14 June 2012

    Mobility management for older citizens

    1261 reads The AENEAS project's  Staying Mobile: A guide to mobility management in ageing societies  report is an in-depth review of innovative case studies from across Europe to encourage the use of...

  4. Tool
    06 March 2013

    Sustainable mobility for business and industry

    1659 reads Developing sustainable mobility measures for companies, business or industrial zones can be done in numerous ways across all mobility modes. Mobility managers and officers can utilise these...

  5. Tool
    28 May 2013

    Sustainable mobility at work

    1072 reads Whether it regards their employees commuting, business travel or operating a vehicle fleet, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by adopting more sustainable ways of working. This can...

  6. Tool
    28 November 2012

    Organising sustainable events

    940 reads Over the last 30 years large events have become more and more popular and widespread leisure destinations. Large summer music festivals, exhibitions, mass cultural events and sports games attract...

  7. Tool
    14 October 2011

    Developing workplace travel plans

    1028 reads A workplace travel plan is a long-term management strategy employed by an organisation to promote more sustainable transport among staff, visitors and deliveries to its site. This can...

  8. Tool
    22 May 2012

    Promoting sustainable mobility

    1073 reads This publication offers suggestions for promoting the use of walking, cycling and public transport, based on what has already been accomplished in European cities over the past decade. The...

  9. Tool
    19 December 2012

    Sustainable mobility as play

    969 reads Instilling the importance of active and sustainable travel in young children will help to foster adults who are well-prepared for more diverse mobility options, helping to reduce the impact of...

  10. Tool
    31 January 2012

    Green mobility guide for the performing arts

    1082 reads Although there are many good general principles for reducing the environmental impact of an individual or group's activities, different groups may need to consider specific aspects....