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  1. News
    08 June 2011

    Finland’s first hybrid buses in Turku (Finland)

    461 reads Turku is the first Finnish city to have hybrid buses. The cost and efficiency of the buses will be closely monitored during their first week of service. Turku is to become a forerunner of Finnish...

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    14 July 2011

    Common ticket for all public transport in Finland

    355 reads The new government in Finland is planning on a nationwide common ticket system for all means of public transport in the country. The intention is to unite the ticket systems, in the way that...

  3. News
    19 July 2011

    New traffic calming measures in Jyvaskyla (Finland)

    529 reads The main aim of the new transport plan for the Finnish city of Jyväskylä, is to reduce the attractiveness of private car use and encourage more sustainable travel choices. The City of Jyväskylä ...

  4. News
    15 August 2011

    First phase of mobility revolution programme completed (Finland)

    367 reads The Mobility revolution- development programme has been operating since December 2010 in co-operation with Finnish Ministries and other national actors in the field to develop and test the new...

  5. News
    17 August 2011

    Bicycle tourism, a growing trend in Finnish archipelago

    479 reads Environmentally friendly bicycle tourism is gaining popularity in South-West Finnish archipelago. Years of hard work on developing and marketing the South West Finnish archipelago ring road is...

  6. News
    23 August 2011

    State officials will drive eco-friendlier after amendment (Finland)

    385 reads The Finnish parliament is about to pass legislation which makes eco-friendly criteria mandatory when purchasing state-owned vehicles. The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication is...

  7. News
    02 September 2011

    Helsinki adopts walking buses for schools (Finland)

    2601 reads Children learn their way to school easier by walking it themselves rather than sitting on the back seat of a car. To encourage walking to school, schools in Helsinki have adopted walking buses....

  8. News
    19 September 2011

    Tram is more cost efficient than bus (Finland)

    746 reads The latest presentation on the plans of a tramway to the City of Tampere, Finland, showed better cost efficiency of installing a new tramway system than developing the current bus system. The city...

  9. News
    14 November 2011

    Greater Helsinki soon to be connected via rail (Finland)

    321 reads Helsinki has been operating a bus between the airport and Helsinki city centre for decades. Attitudes and strategy are changing; urban traffic railway connections are popular once again. A decade...

  10. News
    16 January 2012

    Electric car test environment in Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Finland)

    615 reads Helsinki Metropolitan Area is to become the Finnish test environment for electric cars. Helsinki and Espoo are developing the necessary infrastructure; Vantaa is still hesitating. A wide test...