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  1. News
    01 March 2013

    Town of Keila Introduces free public transport one month after Tallinn (Estonia)

    941 reads The town of Keila, with 10 000 inhabitants located 30 kilometres from the Estonian capital Tallinn, has announced a decision to provide free public transport- but without the potentially...

  2. News
    15 April 2013

    Free public transport in Tallinn, Estonia

    3786 reads It’s a public transport practitioner’s dream experiment: what would happen if a city made its public transport completely free, permanently? The Estonian capital Tallinn is finding out, because...

  3. News
    16 October 2013

    Taking stock of free public transport in Tallinn (Estonia)

    1511 reads Since the beginning of the year, Tallinn is the first capital city worldwide offering public transport free of charge for its residents. Many cities eye the Estonian capital curiously, wondering...

  4. News
    30 January 2014

    One year of free public transport in Tallinn (Estonia)

    5252 reads After a year of operating free public transport for residents of the city, Tallinn has presented the results and reaffirmed its commitment to the new system. Estonia's capital Tallinn...

  5. Event
    16 February 2012

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans- Awareness Raising Workshop

    Language English 309 reads Estonian A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a way of tackling transport-related problems in urban areas more efficiently. Building on existing practices and regulatory...

  6. Event
    30 May 2012

    Financial Sustainability of Public Transport & The European White Paper: Goals, Measures and Resources

    Language English 303 reads Public transport plays an important role in the organisation of daily operations in our cities. This is confirmed by an extensive treatment of public transport in the legislative...

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    16 October 2014
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    29 April 2015
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    29 April 2015
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    29 April 2015