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    19 April 2011

    Projects to promote youth cycling awarded (Germany)

    256 reads The German ecologic transport Club VCD promotes the use of bicycles to get to school and encourages the mobile youth for carbon free transportation. Two of their projects have now been awarded by...

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    01 July 2011

    Less bicycle accidents in German cities (Germany)

    490 reads The German ecologic transport Club VCD analysed data from 2005 to 2010 and concluded that the share of cycling has increased in German cities. At the same time, the number of bicycle accidents has...

  3. News
    09 August 2011

    Promotion of Cycling in Germany: National Cycling Plans

    357 reads Germany’s planning efforts to promote cycling as part of a sustainable transport policy can be seen in the “National Cycling Plan 2002-2012”, adopted by the government in 2002. Two studies examine...

  4. News
    02 September 2011

    Increased bicycle use sees a decrease in accidents (Germany)

    954 reads Although bicycle use in German cities is increasing, the number of accidents involving cyclists is decreasing. Unfortunately, this positive trend is not valid for every city. Every day about 1.000...

  5. News
    30 September 2011

    Innovative bicycle parking solution Biketower” presented (Germany)

    1180 reads The first fully automated bicycle parking “Biketower” was presented to the public at the bicycle fair “Eurobike” in Germany. The “Biketower” provides safe parking and loading possibilities for 72...

  6. News
    14 October 2011

    Bremen inaugurates first bicycle barometer (Germany)

    1804 reads A 25% cycling mode share makes Bremen a “champion” cycling city and the cycling capital in Germany for cities of over 500,000. A newly installed bicycle barometer is another step the city is...

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    10 November 2011

    Borrow a bike for free in Marburg (Germany)

    544 reads In the City of Marburg, a public bike sharing system offers bikes for free for stranded pedestrians. Initiated by students, the project aims to facilitate spontaneous cycling. In downtown Marburg,...

  8. News
    17 November 2011

    Call and Cycle” bicycle rental system opens in Norderstedt (Germany)

    236 reads In April 2011 the city of Norderstedt opened a “Call and Cycle” bicycle rental service in co-operation with “Nextbike” to stimulate active mobility. In April 2011 the city of Norderstedt (Germany)...

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    08 December 2011

    Bicycle traffic is booming in the Cycling Capital Munich (Germany)

    945 reads The targeted campaign Cycling Capital Munich was evaluated at the end of 2011, revealing promising results including a marked increase in cycling in the city. Starting in 2010, the campaign...

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    03 February 2012

    Share cargo bikes via the web (Germany and Austria)

    1185 reads The German association “Anstiftung & Ertomis” has created a new website that enables users to locate, describe and publish cargo bicycles, bike trailers and other bicycle transport aids that...