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  1. News
    15 June 2021

    Findings from the Eurocities Mobility Forum meeting: Climate neutrality is mission possible

    The message from the first day of the Eurocities Mobility Forum was climate neutrality is mission possible, where mobility experts and transport planners came together to discuss the solutions, challenges,...

  2. Case study
    23 July 2020

    Overview of policy relating to e-scooters in European countries

    The increased use and availability of e-scooters (electric scooters) in cities brings opportunities for sustainable modes and challenges for those managing the public space. This Eltis case study explores...

  3. News
    13 May 2021

    Green transport ideas that all cities should implement

    More cities have started implementing a greener future. This article sets out the green transport and infrastructure plans that cities are able to implement today. ...

  4. News
    06 May 2021

    Research tells how safety concerns impact women’s travel patterns

    A report on gender and mobility results in clear safety and security concerns of women travelling in 7 capital cities. The needed answer by cities and transport planners is in integrating safety and security...

  5. News
    27 April 2021

    New EU Urban Mobility Framework Roadmap Published

    The European Commission has published its roadmap for the New EU Urban Mobility Framework, open for feedback until 25 May 2021. ...

  6. News
    15 April 2021

    Key outputs from the Smart Rural Transport Areas (SMARTA) project now available

    The key outputs from SMArt Rural Transport Areas (SMARTA) project (which focused on rural mobility) are now available. ...

  7. News
    14 April 2021

    New report by CEDelft and the EPHA in tackling the surge in air pollution

    CEDelft and the European Public Health Alliance have published a report evaluating the effectiveness of transport policies at the city level. ...

  8. News
    01 March 2021

    Urban Mobility Package: Evaluation confirms the need to adapt EU urban mobility policy in order to contribute to the...

    The European Commission published its Staff Working Document on the evaluation of the Urban Mobility Package (SWD/2021/0047 final) on 26 February 2021 ...

  9. News
    16 February 2021

    Open Public Consultation accompanying the Impact Assessment for the revision of the TEN-T Regulation

    An open public consultation has just been launched accompanying the Impact Assessment for the revision of the TEN-T Regulation. ...

  10. News
    11 February 2021

    Urban Mobility plays an important role in Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

    1306 reads On 3 February 2021, the European Commission adopted its Beating Cancer Plan; a political commitment to turn the tide against cancer and another stepping stone towards a strong European Health...