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    22 February 2018

    Hacking Copenhagen Project: Enabling Bicycles to Sense the City

    1552 reads One of the most complicated and pressing issues in today's urban areas is the increasing tension between the population's demand for more mobility and finite city infrastructure. The...

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    19 October 2011

    Mobile bicycle playground in Copenhagen (Denmark)

    2151 reads Children of Copenhagen have opened Denmark’s first mobile bicycle playground during the UCI Road World Championships. When Danish children learn to cycle, mum or dad is usually walking behind...

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    09 December 2011

    Danish society profits DKK 43 million from Bike to Work (Denmark)

    851 reads The Danish Bike to Work campaign organised by the Danish Cyclists' Federation has been analysed by COWI, a consulting group working within Engineering, Environmental Science and Economics....

  4. News
    04 April 2012

    Leadership award for cycling promotion 2012 (Denmark)

    840 reads The Cycling Embassy of Denmark produced a new newsletter and is awarding an individual or an organisation with the Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2012 for the fourth time. This summer, the...

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    19 September 2011

    Intensity, not duration, determines positive effect of cycling on heart attack risk (Denmark)

    579 reads A Danish study has shown that intense cycling yields more positive health effects than moderate exercise. 5106 apparently healthy men and women aged 21 to 90 years in Copenhagen, Denmark, were...

  6. News
    18 May 2012

    Travel at the speed of LED-light (Denmark)

    692 reads As a new service for cyclists, the City of Aalborg has installed LED-lights in the cycle path on a part of the road south of the Hadsundvej/Humlebakken intersection. The concept is simple: if...

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    10 January 2013

    Danes cycle even when it is snowing (Denmark)

    1009 reads Everybody knows that Danes are active bike riders in summertime, but recent results show that many of them don’t stop cycling even in the depths of winter. Denmark is famous for its cycling...

  8. News
    09 September 2013

    New Cycling Action Plan for Aalborg (Denmark)

    894 reads Just before summer 2013, a new Cycling Action Plan was approved by the Aalborg technical committee. The action plan is the third of its kind (following similar plans in 2005 and 2009). The...

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    01 November 2013

    Aarhus uses Bluetooth technology to monitor traffic (Denmark)

    1028 reads Travel times and traffic flow throughout the metropolitan area of Denmark’s second city will be monitored by a new traffic monitoring system. Aarhus has conducted eight months of testing the...

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    15 November 2013

    Danish cities connect cyclists to public transport with smart technology (Denmark)

    1065 reads Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, both in the Danish Capital Region, are making it easier to combine cycling and train travel through bicycles fitted with Android tablets. The cities of Copenhagen...