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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    10 September 2012

    Pro Walk/ Pro Bike 2012

    495 reads Language English Pro Walk/Pro Bike® is the premier venue for presenting work and meeting peers from the fields of transportation planning, engineering, health, advocacy, public policy, research,...

  2. Event
    17 January 2013

    Transforming Transportation 2013

    Language English 415 reads English Transforming Transportation 2013 will bring together sustainable transport officials, thought leaders, urbanists and practitioners to discuss new ideas, key issues, and...

  3. Event
    18 June 2013

    CityAge Summit

    500 reads Language English The Global Metropolis English As cities deal with the realities of a changing planet and a rapidly urbanizing world, global city builders will assemble in New York City for The...

  4. Event
    05 March 2014

    Urban Consolidation Centers: The Japanese Experience

    Language English 553 reads Urban Consolidation Centers: The Japanese Experience English Urban Consolidation Centers: The Japanese Experience USA 05 Mar 2014- 02:01 Urban freight/city logistics Urban...

  5. News
    24 August 2015

    California builds first protected intersection for bikes in the US

    1498 reads The city of Davis in California has finished work on a Dutch-inspired protected intersection to make travel safer for cyclists- the first such infrastructure in the United States. Built with the...

  6. Event
    14 January 2016

    Transforming Transportation 2016

    Language English 1109 reads English Transforming Transportation is the annual conference co-hosted by EMBARQ, the sustainable urban mobility initiative of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and the...

  7. Event
    20 July 2016

    EV Roadmap Conference

    Language English 692 reads English Widespread electric vehicle adoption requires a supportive 'ecosystem' of stakeholders, from utilities and governments to vehicle OEMs, charging providers,...

  8. News
    20 July 2016

    Better data can get kids walking & cycling more

    1905 reads A new study from the US says that having better access to data can help get kids walking and cycling to school. In its report, the nonprofit Safe Routes to School National Partnership says that...

  9. News
    28 July 2016

    Study shows one-way carsharing cuts traffic

    1757 reads Flexible one-way carsharing models can complement existing mass transport options, reduce the number of vehicles on the road and improve mobility in densely populated urban areas, a new US study...

  10. News
    30 August 2016

    Use data not surveys for urban planning, say researchers

    1907 reads Analysing big-data could give city planners better information to help them develop new transport infrastructure, new research suggests. Researchers from the  Massachusetts Institute of...