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    13 June 2012

    10 days without a car: An official experiment in Lodz (Poland)

    680 reads In mid-May this year, the Vice President of Lodz carried out an experiment. For more than 10 days he resigned from using his official car in favour of travel by bicycle and public transport. The...

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    11 February 2009

    10 local authorities shortlisted for European Mobility Week Award

    138 reads The European Mobility Week Award rewards the city with the best overall record in providing awareness and carrying out projects which contribute to a complete shift towards sustainable city...

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    18 January 2017

    10 million more passengers on Irish public transport

    2139 reads Full-year figures published by Ireland’s National Transport Authority show an overall increase in passenger numbers across all state-supported public transport operators. Some 234 million...

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    30 August 2010

    10 Principles for Transport in Urban Life

    1000 reads Urban consultant Jan Gehl and Walter Hook have together set out ten key steps to creating more sustainable cities in a new publication “Our Cities Ourselves: 10 Principles for Transport in Urban...

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    01 October 2007

    10 year anniversary of the Mobility Centre in Graz (Austria)

    133 reads The Mobility Centre in Graz (Mobil Zentral- MZ) is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. The Mobility Centre in Graz (Mobil Zentral- MZ) is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. Mobil Zentral...

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    21 March 2008

    10,000 safety lenses issued to lorry drivers distributed to help cut collisions (UK)

    123 reads Beginning in late March (2008), Transport for London (TfL) have begun distributing 10,000 free safety lenses, known as Fresnel lenses, to freight companies operating vehicles in London. The easy...

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    20 July 2015

    100 000 celebrate new Brussels pedestrian zone (Belgium)

    3852 reads Over 100 000 people attended celebrations marking the opening of a new pedestrian zone in Brussels (Belgium). Several hundred metres of Boulevard Anspach, which runs through Brussels'...

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    29 October 2009

    100 million trip advices in 2009 (the Netherlands)

    100 reads At the end of October 2009, 9292- a subdivision of REISinformatiegroep bv, the independent information specialist for all public transport data in The Netherlands, for busses, trains, trams,...

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    05 February 2007

    100 new buses for Dublin Bus (Ireland)

    119 reads An additional 100 buses costing € 30 million have been added to the Dublin Bus fleet enabling it to expand the number and frequency of services throughout its network. An additional 100 buses...

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    10 August 2012

    100% clean buses for the centre of Madrid (Spain)

    438 reads Madrid gets its first seven hybrid buses, which will operate in city’s central Low Emission Zone (Zona de Bajas Emisiones). These seven hybrid buses, with natural compressed gas and electricity,...