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  1. Case study
    03 December 2011
  2. News
    25 November 2011

    Gdansk is buying bicycles for its employees (Poland)

    495 reads Inspired by other European cities, Gdansk authorities are buying bicycles for their employees to be used on duty instead of cars. Next spring, office workers of Gdansk town hall will have 16...

  3. News
    18 November 2011

    Kiss&ride system implemented in Wroclaw (Poland)

    268 reads A new traffic zone has been created in Wroclaw, known worldwide as kiss&ride. The simple system consists of the idea: “drop, kiss and go”. The first zone is in the area of the main railway...

  4. News
    16 September 2011

    Critical Mass for climate without soot” in Warsaw (Poland)

    264 reads The Critical Mass of Warsaw organised a bike ride promoting a clean city without soot on the last Friday of August. The route driven by the participants was 25.5 km in length and passed through...

  5. News
    03 June 2011

    Two new Park and Ride car parks in Mazovia (Poland)

    304 reads Due to an agreement between local government and the authorities of the Polish towns of Radom and Minsk Mazowiecki, two large car parks will be built near railway stations allowing many people to...

  6. News
    02 May 2011

    New public transport Act (Poland)

    1666 reads The new act specifies statutory requirements for local authorities and the Ministry of Infrastructure regarding the organisation of public transport markets, transport planning, and the financing...

  7. Case study
    20 December 2010
  8. Case study
    20 December 2010
  9. Case study
    25 June 2009
  10. Case study
    19 June 2009