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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    17 October 2011

    Transport Modelling

    Language English 273 reads English This course provides delegates with an understanding of the key components of the travel demand modelling and forecasting process. It covers a number of relevant themes in...

  2. Event
    05 December 2011

    Transport Policy in Practice

    Language English 834 reads English This is the introductory course of the Transport Masters Programme and is therefore most appropriate for engineers and planners in the early part of their career, or those...

  3. Event
    21 November 2011

    Intelligent Mobility: Policy and Practice

    Language English 308 reads English This course provides an understanding of the policy background and principles behind the concept of Intelligent Mobility. Participants will gain an understanding of...

  4. Event
    24 January 2012

    Transport Ticketing 2012

    1756 reads Language English Global innovations in fare collection English The European transport ticketing sector is evolving fast, new ticketing strategies are being introduced into the marketplace and...

  5. Event
    29 September 2011


    Olympic Games spectators are able to make their way to all the events by public transport, bike or on foot ...

  6. Event
    02 November 2011

    Travel 2020 Conference and Exhibition

    face of passenger transport. It\'s a cross-modal event focused on the travel offer and experience ... innovators to share experiences, debate and do business. During the two day event, we will have...

  7. Event
    27 March 2012

    MetroRail 2012

    446 reads Language English Developing more efficient, customer-centric and sustainable metro systems Urban transport operators are striving to serve an increasing number of passengers by creating...

  8. Event
    14 March 2012

    Cycling For All Study Tour

    224 reads Language English CIVITAS Archimedes Why do people not want to cycle? There is no doubt that building cycle lanes and providing bike parking encourages people to cycle, however for some groups this...

  9. Event
    13 March 2012

    Delivering Policy with Traffic and Environmental Monitoring

    Language English 262 reads English This short course provides an insight into how an integrated traffic and inexpensive pervasive environmental monitoring system can help to deliver national and local...

  10. Event
    14 March 2012

    Transport and Environmental Appraisal: Tools and Techniques

    Language English 1383 reads English This short course provides an understanding of the tools and technique required for environmental appraisal of transport activities. It starts with an overview of the...