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  1. Tool
    23 February 2015

    TIDE toolbox- applying innovative transport measures

    5566 reads New mobility concepts are constantly being developed, adding to an established library of measures that cities can use to make transport in their territory more sustainable and environmentally...

  2. Tool
    14 April 2015

    QUEST quality management methodology

    5954 reads QUEST is a quality management tool developed to help cities to set up and further develop their sustainable mobility policies and  to support processes in the city which lead to actual...

  3. Tool
    14 April 2015

    Urban mobility solutions, SOLUTIONS project

    5215 reads This tool focuses on six thematic urban transport solutions:  public transport; transport infrastructure; city logistics; integrated planning; network and mobility management; and clean vehicles....

  4. Tool
    14 April 2015

    Training course concept on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, BUMP project

    2904 reads The BUMP training course concept provides a general structure  for training programms on SUMP  to be undertaken with staff from local authorities. April 2015 Urban mobility planning Training...

  5. Tool
    04 May 2015

    Urban Mobility Plans: National approaches and local practice

    6837 reads This publication reviews urban mobility planning from various countries and showcases a growing number of examples calling for a shift away from the traditional, infrastructure-oriented approach...

  6. Tool
    09 June 2015

    Quantifying the effects of sustainable urban mobility plans

    5656 reads The European Commission is considering a European support framework for the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in EU Member States. This consideration is consistent with the 2011...

  7. Tool
    19 July 2016

    CIVITAS Policy Note- Cities towards Mobility 2.0: connect, share and go!

    4019 reads With this policy note, CIVITAS WIKI provides cities with a comprehensive overview on shared-mobility concepts and practices and to offer guidance to decision-/policy-makers and urban mobility...

  8. Tool
    17 August 2016

    CHUMS Carpool Site Appraisal Tool

    3012 reads This tool enables a quick assessment of a candidate site’s suitability for carpooling and indicates (in a very general manner) the likely impacts of introducing the CHUMS measures as well as...

  9. Tool
    02 October 2017

    The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Urban Mobility Measures

    2474 reads These reports demonstrate the economic value of sustainable urban mobility interventions. Based on the review of a large body of evidence comprising 351 source documents, they present and...

  10. Tool
    04 October 2017

    Guidelines for the harmonization of energy and mobility planning

    1369 reads European policies have set ambitious sustainability targets for all levels of governance for 2020 and the coming decades, expecting important reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a significant...