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    05 August 2011

    Why do the Dutch cycle to work? (The Netherlands)

    1654 reads Despite many Dutch people living within cycling distance from work and the increased focus of policy in favour of this, only a portion of commuters cycle to work. Dutch researcher Eva Heinen'...

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    05 October 2011

    Mobility news site launched in English (The Netherlands)

    437 reads The Dutch mobility news site Verkeersnet has launched an English language version of its website, It aims to export Dutch knowledge and products in the field of transport....

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    02 December 2011

    ‘s-Hertogenbosch elected Bicyle City of 2011 (The Netherlands)

    518 reads The city of ’s-Hertogenbosch is awarded the Bicycle City of 2011 in the Netherlands. The other nominees were Harderwijk, Houten, Groningen and Pijnacker-Nootdorp. The jury report states that: “’s...

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    05 December 2011

    Green light in all directions for cyclists in Groningen (The Netherlands)

    1622 reads The “Cycling-El Dorado” city of Groningen has implemented an innovative idea to foster cycling trips: a crossing with a green phase for cyclists in all directions. This allows cyclists to cross...

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    06 February 2012

    Significant increase in head injuries among children involved in bike accidents (the Netherlands)

    456 reads More than 80% of the children hospitalised after a traffic-related incident in the period 2006-2010 were involved in a bike accident. The Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and the Consumer and...

  6. News
    14 February 2012

    The City Region of Rotterdam to build another 7,000 bicycle parking places (The Netherlands)

    387 reads To cope with the lack of bicycle parking places at stations and public transport stops, the City set out the objective of building at least 7,000 more bike shelters in the next 2 years. The Region...

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    20 February 2012

    Amsterdam counts 881,000 bikes (The Netherlands)

    697 reads That estimate comes from a survey of 2,600 inhabitants of the city conducted by the Department of Research and Statistics. The aim of the survey was to evaluate the attitude of the inhabitants of...

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    13 March 2012

    Sustainable cycle path makes cycling even greener (the Netherlands)

    1817 reads Cycling is a healthy and eco-friendly way of traveling. The Dutch organisations Tauw and Goudappel Coffeng have now developed the concept of sustainable cycle paths, making cycling even better...

  9. News
    21 May 2012

    Groningen installs rain sensors for cyclists at traffic lights (The Netherlands)

    9665 reads The city of Groningen has installed a new device at traffic lights which gives extra green light time for cyclists when it rains. Long waiting times at traffic lights are a recurring source of...

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    14 May 2012

    Callock bike lending pilot successful (The Netherlands)

    706 reads The Callock bike lending pilot ran in the vicinity of the railway, port and city centre of Middelburg. The scheme was particularly popular for trips to and from the railway station. The Callock...