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  1. News
    25 May 2011

    30,000 participants for Critical Mass Budapest (Hungary)

    400 reads Following the example of the first Critical Mass cyclists’ demonstrations in San Francisco (USA), the Critical Mass demonstration in Hungary has developed into a real success story with modal...

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    27 May 2011

    Energy bikes- new national campaign for energy-efficiency (Hungary)

    449 reads As part of an energy-efficiency awareness raising campaign the Hungarian national electricity provider launched a road show with new electric bikes: contrary to standard electric bikes these bikes...

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    28 July 2011

    First national Hungarian cyclist safety survey- results published

    399 reads Members of the ‘Critical Mass Biking Movement’ in Hungary have recently conducted a national survey of 2,400 cyclists at 85 locations in Hungary to examine the use of cycle safety lights....

  4. News
    03 August 2011

    Budapest Bridge gets bike-friendly makeover (Hungary)

    303 reads With the opening of new bikeways on Budapest’s most heavily trafficked bridge, local cycling advocates can notch up another victory in the fight for bike-friendly streets. In mid July, painting...

  5. News
    02 September 2011

    Budapest expands cycling route network (Hungary)

    251 reads With help from the EU, the city of Budapest will add 12.4 kilometres to its bike-route network by this fall. The planned cycling routes, targeted at commuters coming from the outer agglomeration...

  6. News
    21 September 2011

    Hungary to spend unprecedented sum on recreational cycling (Hungary)

    270 reads According to an announcement in early September, the government will spend an unprecedented HUF 12 billion (€43 million) on constructing and refurbishing the Danube-bank cycle path connecting...

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    10 October 2011

    Contract Signed on Budapest Bike Sharing System (Hungary)

    844 reads A public bicycle system for Budapest will receive an EU subsidy of HUF 900 million (€3.1 million) under a contract signed in September. The project, called Budapest Bicikli of “Bubi” for short, is...

  8. News
    13 October 2011

    Bosch to make eBike motors in Hungary

    1159 reads As part of a €20 million investment in its operations in Hungary, Bosch, the technologies and service company, will begin line production of an eBike motor first introduced in the fall of 2010 at...

  9. News
    22 November 2011

    Bike commuters ride 1 million km in Hungary (Hungary)

    582 reads More than 7,000 people pedalled 1 million km and prevented the emission of 200,000kg of CO2 during the autumn Bike to Work campaign in Hungary. The contest ran from 22 September to 26 October and...

  10. News
    06 April 2012

    Revamped bridge proves inadequate for cyclists and walkers (Hungary)

    270 reads Budapest’s traffic planners appear to have underestimated foot and bike traffic in the renovation of Budapest’s Margit Bridge. The city’s traffic bureau has promised a raft of remedial measures to...