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  1. News
    09 June 2011

    London River Services information boost (UK)

    631 reads Transport for London has introduced a range of improvements to river service information focusing on making it easier for Londoners and visitors to make the most of the River Thames. With real...

  2. News
    08 September 2011

    Ecovelocity 2011- low carbon motor festival (UK)

    181 reads Today sees the launch of Ecovelocity 2011- an outdoor motoring festival in London showcasing the latest in eco-transport. The event is the first of its kind, running from 8th-11th September in the...

  3. News
    25 October 2011

    Honda opens the first self-service hydrogen station in the United Kingdom

    345 reads There are few vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel, yet Honda has just opened the first self-service hydrogen station at the site of its factory in Swindon, UK. This station is the result of a...

  4. News
    16 November 2011

    Electric motorcycles trialled at London police (UK)

    489 reads In order to cut fleet emissions, the London Metropolitan Police Service will trial the first electric motorcycle to be used by the service. The Met will use the bikes in its Motorcycle Tasking...

  5. News
    20 December 2011

    £10 million announced to cut pollution from London's bus fleet (UK)

    325 reads Up to 1,000 buses will be fitted with innovative equipment to reduce pollution as part of the Mayor of London’s plans to deliver cleaner air in the UK capital. London's bus fleet is already...

  6. News
    26 January 2012

    UK government announces new plug-in van grant

    280 reads A new plug-in grant has been created for individuals purchasing eco-friendly vans to encourage their purchase and cut CO2 emissions. Individuals purchasing eco-friendly vans will be able to get 20...

  7. News
    23 January 2012

    Taxis of London run on cooking oil (UK)

    291 reads About one thousand taxis of London already run on cooking oil! Each year in the UK, the paradise of deep-fried meals, restaurants throw away between 50 and 90 million litres of this potential fuel...

  8. News
    28 March 2012

    Wireless refill terminals reach London (UK)

    288 reads Since the beginning of 2012 the British capital has been testing wireless recharging terminals for electric vehicles. The American company Qualcomm, world leader in the field of mobile technology,...

  9. News
    05 April 2012

    Buses found to be cause of high street’s poor air quality (UK)

    194 reads Buses have been found to be the major source of nitrogen oxide emissions in a busy London high street despite only making up 10% of traffic. The London Borough of Wandsworth commissioned the...

  10. News
    01 August 2012

    Solar panels to help power Buchanan Bus Station (United Kingdom)

    487 reads A solar panel system which can generate 8,000 kWh of electricity has been installed on the roof of Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow, Scotland, to help reduce carbon emissions. Buchanan Bus Station,...